Monopoly Live Big Wins

Read about the latest big wins on Evolution’s Monopoly Live Game Show. We update this feed every week. Check out the best Monopoly Live wins here!

Streamer Hits Two Bonus Games
Monopoly Live Big Wins 24-04-2024

Streamer Hits 2 and 4 Roll Bonus Rounds with His Biggest Bet Ever

Using the 1x plus bonus rounds strategy, streamer TactPlaysGames entered the two rolls and four rolls bonus games after a £325 bet. To say he is excited is an understatement, but we love the passion here at 2 Rolls Bonus Round Unfortunately, the bonus round did not begin well after a six roll took […]

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2 Rolls Bonus Delivers a Double six
Monopoly Live Big Wins 18-04-2024

Bonus Game Begins with a Double Six for Huge Win

Here we are again with another Monopoly Live Big Win and this time we have scoured the net and found YouTuber XPosed show off his latest win on the Monopoly Live streets. In a long session and successful session, the XPosed team hit a bonus game in which they begun with a Mayfair with a […]

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Double Chance Spins Creates Huge 4 Rolls Bonus
Monopoly Live Big Wins 08-12-2023

Dealer Gets Excited as 2x Chance Spins is Followed by a Huge 4 Rolls Bonus Game

We are back with another Monopoly Live Big Wins post and this time we are reporting on a huge 4 Rolls Bonus game thanks to two chance spins which were followed by the 4 Rolls Bonus game. This created an absolutely huge bonus game which increased the biggest multiplier up to 12,000x. One of our […]

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Monopoly Live: 2 Rolls Bonus delivers two big wins
Monopoly Live Big Wins 13-10-2023

616x Win Followed by a 430x win on Monopoly Live

We are back with another Monopoly Live Big Wins post and we have for you this time two big which came almost back-to-back. As you can see in the video at the bottom of this page, both wins transpire from 2 Rolls bonuses and both bonus rounds consist of several double rolls. 616x Win from […]

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Monopoly Live Big Win - 4 Rolls Bonus
Monopoly Live Big Wins 10-09-2023

988x Win from a Monopoly 4 Rolls Bonus

The team are delighted to bring to you another bonus report from around the Monopoly Live tables. This time around we bring to you the gameplay from the YouTube channel AlmoandTom where they showcase how they landed an incredible 988x Monopoly Live win from the Four Rolls bonus round. 4 Rolls Bonus with a […]

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Monopoly Live 4 Rolls Bonus
Monopoly Live Big Wins 13-08-2023

Monopoly Live 4 Rolls Bonus Nets a 740x Multiplier

The team are back again to bring to you another outstanding win on the Monopoly Live casino game. This time, YouTube channel Casino Star landed several big wins including an incredible 740x multiplier. We have explained exactly how they did it below. Scroll to the bottom of this article to see the YouTube video […]

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416x Multiplier means a Monopoly Live Big Win
Monopoly Live Big Wins 28-07-2023

£100k Win for YouTuber on Monopoly Live

We are delighted to bring to you yet another Monopoly Live big win. This time, gambling YouTube channel Casino Daddy managed to land himself a 100k+ after he entered the 2 Rolls bonus game and rolled a double six on the first roll. A 40x multiplier followed by a 56x and then finally a massive […]

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Monopoly Live: €4.6million shared between 2105 players
Monopoly Live Big Wins 30-05-2023

Massive €4.6m win shared between 2,105 Monopoly Live players

The exciting Monopoly Live Studio brings us one of the biggest multipliers of all time and one of the biggest wins ever! A total of 2,105 contestants shared a massive €4,661,049 win. With a little help from a Chance and the 4 Rolls Bonus (and some Doubles), Mr. Monopoly collected the biggest individual multiplier (2,000x) of the round.

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1884 Monopoly Live Players hit 534X multiplier
Monopoly Live Big Wins 24-05-2023

Monopoly Live: 2 Rolls bonus delivers 6 rolls and €645,931

Even though we are still far from summer, it is getting rather hot in the Monopoly Live Studio. With a single spin of the Wheel, the gorgeous host surprised all contestants with a 2 Rolls Bonus. That was only the beginning because Lady Luck decided to step in and deliver a bunch of Doubles.

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Monopoly Live Big Wins 11-05-2023

Chance and 4 Rolls bonus deliver €975,276

The Monopoly Live studio is a fun place to be. Not only do players have an opportunity to win big, but they also engage in conversations with different hosts, exploring various subjects as the Wheel spins. This time, the theme was cheating. Both the host and the players accused each other of cheating. Of course, they were only having fun!

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