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Mr Monopoly never seizes to amaze us. His generosity was once again seen in another exciting round of Monopoly Live. This time, the old man was accompanied by a lovely host that you may have noticed in one of our previous stories.

Only two spins of the Wheel were needed for a Chance that resulted in a 10x multiplier, and a 2 Rolls Bonus, which turned into 5 rolls, thanks to Doubles. Big numbers displayed by dice helped Rich uncle Pennybags to cover a lot of ground and accumulate a total multiplier of 510x. The end result was a fantastic Monopoly Live Big Win totalling €854,800 shared among 1,295 players.

Monopoly Live Chance
After the stopper landed on the Chance segment, the host explained that players could either win cash or receive a multiplier.

The video starts with Chance

The video begins with the stopper pointing to the Chance segment. The host explained that players could get either a cash win or a multiplier. After that, she called Mr Monopoly to leave his newspapers and come on the stage. Monopoly Man rewarded players with a 10x multiplier. He remained standing next to the Wheel when the host made the second spin.

She started chatting with some players, and the old man stood still, watching closely at the Wheel, which started slowing down. One of the players complained to the host that he had been having a bad day, hoping that it would get better. Just when the lovely host was wishing him good fortune, the Wheel stopped at 2 Rolls Bonus. That was Monopoly Man’s cue to go straight to the board.

Just when the lovely host was wishing a player good luck, the Wheel stopped at 2 Rolls Bonus.

2 Rolls turn into 5 rolls

After adding random multipliers to different positions on the board, Rich uncle Pennybags applied the 10x multiplier previously acquired from Chance to all fields. The first roll of the dice took him straight to Euston Road, where a 70x multiplier had been waiting. The first of the three successive Doubles occurred on the second spin, carrying the old man to Bow Street (70x). At that moment, everybody thought things could not get better. However, the dice displayed the second Doubles on the following roll. Mr Monopoly was more than happy to continue his stroll, walking all the way to Trafalgar Square (200x).

Rich uncle Pennybags ended his stroll on Whitechapel Road (20x) for a total win multiplier of 510x!

The fourth roll delivered the third Doubles. Double sixes made Monopoly Man stop on Chance, next to Park Lane. He was just one position away from 500x. Instead, he collected a 150x multiplier. There was a chance for him to visit Mayfair on the following roll and collect a 1,250x multiplier. Unfortunately, Lady Luck had something else in mind. On the last roll of the round, Rich uncle Pennybags crossed the Go field, doubling all multipliers on the board. He ended his stroll on Whitechapel Road (20x). Nevertheless, the total win multiplier of the round was 510x, which meant that 1,295 players would share €854,800.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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