Monopoly Live: 543x multiplier sees 941 players share a total of €826,171

The beginning of August 2020 was particularly hot for players following a round in Monopoly Live Studio, thanks to a slow start, and some huge wins delivered at the very end. On 8th August, Crazyrightmeow released a video of a game in which 941 players shared a total of €826,171.

The biggest win of the round (€76,543) ended up in the pockets of VIPboss9999. The first spin of the Monopoly Wheel stopped on the Chance segment, revealing a 3x multiplier. Immediately after that, the host of the game spun the Wheel and surprised gamers with 2 Rolls, making Mr Monopoly climb on the board immediately.

Two Rolls on Monopoly Live Turn Into Five Rolls

Monopoly Man climbed the board and started his regular building and multiplier boosting on certain fields. Once that was over, the 3x multiplier from Chance was applied to all fields. The first roll of the dice was quite fine, leading Rich Uncle Pennybags to Pentonville Road, where a 12x multiplier was waiting.

Even though the second roll delivered doubles and an extra roll of the dice, double fours made the old man go to the Community Chest, taking away €50 from each player for hospital fees. Even so, the following rolls of the dice had been far more generous. The third and the fourth roll of the dice also delivered doubles, totalling the number of rolls to 5.

The Three Extra Rolls Deliver Generous Payouts

Having paid the medical expenses, players probably did not expect much from the old man’s current outing on the board. Fortunately for them, Lady Luck came to the rescue. Roll three delivered another doubles and took Mr Monopoly to the Strand, rewarding gamers with a 21x multiplier.

Monopoly Live: 543x multiplier sees 941 players share a total of €826,171
Monopoly Live: 543x multiplier sees 941 players share a total of €826,171

Players saw three doubles in a row, with the fourth roll delivering double fives, taking Monopoly Man to Regent Street, where a big 60x multiplier had been waiting. The final roll made all players jump from their seats in ecstasy, since an enormous 450x multiplier had been revealed on Park Lane.

The total amount won in the round was €826,171, and the biggest share of the reward was snatched by VIPboss9999. Here is the list of the top 10 winners of the round:

1. VIPboss9999 – €76,543
2. vd_fatihos – €33,769
3. hanjames – €26,950
4. Lou – €26,204
5. Salim – €25,156
6. DanneDD18 – €21,560
7. Waldemar – €15,722
8. 2176309 – €11,256
9. vsplayboy – €10,780
10. CHELSEABLUE1 – €10,726

To see the entire bonus round watch the video here.

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