Monopoly Live: 3 Spins, 2 Chances and a 4 rolls bonus deliver €1,646,241

The beginning of March brought excitement and huge payouts in the Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live Studio. The newest big win story talks about two Chance fields and one 4 Rolls Bonus in only three spins of the Wheel. Given the fact that both Chances had resulted in 8x multipliers, the 64x total multiplier was taken to the 4 Rolls Bonus.

Thanks to this exceptional multiplier boost, it didn’t even matter that no Doubles had occurred during the bonus round. A total win of €1,646,241 win was shared among 591 players.

Monopoly Live host celebrates the 64x multiplier.

Back-to-back chances deliver a 64x multiplier

The situation in the studio did not promise such an exciting round of Monopoly Live. The old man was sitting comfortably in his chair, reading his newspapers, while the attractive host in a red dress was chatting with the players. The first spin of the Wheel resulted in the Chance segment, forcing Mr Monopoly to put down his newspapers, stand up, and reveal an 8x multiplier.

That was only the beginning. For the second spin, the host begged the Wheel to be good to her and her players. The Wheel decided to grant her wish, stopping the pointer on the Chance segment for the second time. Rich uncle Pennybags did not want to change the multiplier, revealing yet another 8x. Combined with the previous multiplier, the total amount went up to 64x.

Monopoly Live: 4 Rolls Bonus delivers a total 1,088x multiplier
Monopoly Live: 4 Rolls Bonus delivers a total 1,088x multiplier

4 Rolls for a total 1,088x multiplier

If the host had been happy with the first multiplier, she was ecstatic with the second one. While she was screaming and shouting, celebrating the total 64x multiplier, the Wheel started spinning for the third time. Mr Monopoly did not even have the time to sit down, because the result of the third spin was the 4 Rolls Bonus.

Before the beginning of the bonus round, all fields had been boosted with the 64x multiplier. The first stop was Whitechapel Road, where a 64x multiplier had been waiting. After a short visit to Pentonville Road (192x), the old man went straight to Marlborough Street, rewarding players with the biggest multiplier of the round (448x). Since there hadn’t been any doubles in this round, the last roll of the dice took Monopoly Man to Fleet Street (384x).

The final result was the total 1,088x multiplier, delivering a total win of €1,646,241 to 591 lucky winners.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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