4 Rolls Bonus awards Monopoly Live players with €100,687

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Monopoly Live host secures a 4 Rolls bonus with just one spin
Monopoly Live host secures a 4 Rolls bonus with just one spin

The New Year started with an exciting round of Monopoly Live, where the smart host helped players land tasty wins. Once again, the old man had been taken straight to the board, where he marched directly to the biggest individual multiplier of the round.

With only one spin of the Wheel, the host secured the 4 Rolls bonus. Rich uncle Pennybags rewarded all players with an additional roll during the bonus, with a little help from Doubles. The result was a total win of €100,687, shared among 898 contestants.

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One Spin for 4 Rolls

At the very beginning, the old man was sitting comfortably in his chair, writing something down in his notepad. It seemed that he did not pay attention to anything that was happening in the studio. During that time, the smart-looking host was spinning the Wheel and chatting with contestants. The host was talking about the biggest wins on his watch and that it was time for a new one.

At that time, the Wheel started slowing down and it stopped on the 4 Rolls segment. When Mr Monopoly saw that, he immediately stood up from his chair and started going to the board. Meanwhile, the host tried to make some rhymes but was not very successful. The moment Monopoly Man exited the elevator, random multipliers were applied to different fields on the board.

Monopoly Man Ends His Stroll on Mayfair, for a 200x multiplier, securing a total multiplier of 256x
A step on Mayfair delivers a 200x multiplier, securing a total multiplier of 256x.

Monopoly Man Ends His Stroll on Mayfair

The round started with Doubles. The dice displayed two fours, giving players an additional roll of the dice, and taking the old man straight to Euston Road (3x). His next stop was Bow Street, where an 8x multiplier had been waiting. Fortunately for all contestants, the two following rolls of the dice resulted in big numbers, allowing Mr Monopoly to cover a huge area on the board.

Roll number three also came with a small multiplier (5x), when Rich uncle Pennybags reached Fenchurch Street Station. Fortunately for everybody, this is when Lady Luck decided to interfere. The fourth roll took Monopoly Man to Bond Street, securing a 40x multiplier. Mayfair was dangerously close at this point, so everybody prayed for small numbers. When the dice displayed a two and a three, the old man could end his stroll triumphantly. A step on Mayfair delivered a 200x multiplier, securing a total multiplier of 256x.

In the end, 898 players were happy to share €100,687.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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