4 Rolls Monopoly Live Bonus Brings €161,848 to 594 Winners

It is always exciting in the Monopoly Live studio! The newest story is a perfect example of how a slow morning turns into an exciting round when the Wheel stops on the 4 Rolls Bonus. You will see how fast Mr Monopoly goes from sitting comfortably in his chair to delivering the biggest multiplier on the board.

You will also see how two players managed to pocket the biggest win of the round, having won €12,800 each. The 4 Rolls Bonus resulted in 5 rolls, thanks to Doubles. The total win of the round was €161,848, shared among 594 players.

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Monopoly Live: 4 Rolls Bonusril-2022
4 Rolls Bonus on Monopoly Live starts with Doubles

4 Rolls Bonus on Monopoly Live starts with Doubles

At the very beginning of the video, you will see Mr Monopoly reading his newspapers. During that time, the lovely host was chatting with players, hoping for the 4 Rolls Bonus to appear beneath the stopper. Her prayers had been answered, which made Monopoly Man jump out of his chair, and go straight to the board.

The first roll of the dice delivered two sixes, giving players an extra roll. However, the first stop made by Rich uncle Pennybags delivered a 5x multiplier, which had been waiting at the Electric Company field. The following roll came with the same multiplier (5x), only this time the stop was Strand.

Monopoly Live Park Lane
Monopoly Man stops on Park Lane, delivering the top multiplier of 250x

The old man stops on Park Lane for the biggest multiplier

After a short stay at Coventry Street (8x), everybody was hoping that the old man would visit either Park Lane or Mayfair. These two fields had been carrying the biggest multipliers of the round. It seemed that Lady Luck decided to smile upon them, because the penultimate roll of the dice revealed a 6 and a 4, taking Monopoly Man straight to Park Lane, delivering the top multiplier of 250x.

The final roll saw Mr Monopoly going over the Go field, doubling all multipliers on the board. The round ended at the Kings Cross Station, completing the total multiplier of 278x. Finally, two players got the top win of the round, €12,800. The total win was €161,848, shared among 594 winners.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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