Monopoly Live: 792 Players Share €911,253

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Another exciting story is heading your way, straight from the Monopoly Live studio. It seems that September will be a hot month, judging from the exciting round we are about to describe. The attractive host pleaded all players to keep faith, and, according to her, faith worked. In only two spins, the Wheel landed on Chance and 4 Rolls.

Lady Luck did not stop there, delivering two Doubles during the 4 Rolls Bonus. Even though the start of the round had been a bit slow, it ended up with a total multiplier of 928x. The total win of €911,253 was shared among 792 players.

When the stopper pointed to the 4 Rolls Bonus, the gorgeous host started screaming and shouting with excitement.

Host claims faith works

The round starts with a lovely host in a golden dress chatting with the contestants. While she was talking about her new favourite song, Mr Monopoly was sitting quietly in his chair, reading his newspapers. As the Wheel was about to stop, the host told all players to keep the faith. When the pointer stopped on the Chance segment, she claimed that faith works.

It was time for the old man to stand up from his chair and step on the stage. He revealed an 8x multiplier, to be applied on the result of the following spin. This time, Rich uncle PennyBags decided to remain next to the Wheel, as if he expected a good spin. The host did not have the nerves to watch directly to the Wheel. When the stopper pointed to the 4 Rolls Bonus, our gorgeous host started screaming and shouting, while Monopoly Man went straight to the board.

Monopoly Man lands on Park Lane for a 3,000x multiplier
The dice took Rich uncle PennyBags to Park Lane, where the end result was a 928x multiplier for a total win of €911,253.

From Jail to Park Lane

The first roll of the dice did bring Doubles, delivering an extra roll, but it took Mr Monopoly straight to Jail. His second stop was Marylebone Station, where a 40x multiplier had been waiting. The third roll brought the second Doubles and made the old man visit the Community Chest. Here, he collected 80x.

After a short visit to Leicester Square (88x), and Regent Street (120x), it was time for the final roll. Everybody hoped for a six or an eight, because these two numbers secured one of the two biggest multipliers on the board – Park Lane (600), and Mayfair (2,000x). Even though the majority of contestants had cheered for the latter, the dice took Rich uncle Pennybags to Park Lane. The end result was a 928x multiplier, and the total win of €911,253.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

Masked Singer Games UK

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