Monopoly Live: 9,600x World Record Win

Courtesy of one of the players who recorded the game he was playing on Monopoly Live, we enjoyed watching an amazing round, which resulted in a total win of £2,210,943! Even though the winnings were shared among 153 players, the top wins went through the roof, with the biggest one being £266,976!

We had plenty of excitement in this round, with back-to-back 4 Rolls on the board, which made Mr Monopoly go on quite a stroll this time, setting the record 9,600x multiplier up to date.

First Outing Was Spectacular

The first roll ended up on a Monopoly Chance card, which revealed a 100x multiplier. The second roll saw double fours, leading Mr Monopoly to Marylebone Station, which offered a 500x multiplier, and rewarding players with an extra roll. After that, double sixes were rolled, driving players to their next stop on Coventry Street, carrying a 1,200x multiplier. 

Monopoly Live 9600x Bonus Win
Monopoly Live 9600x Bonus Win results in a total win of £2,210,943!

The following roll got Mr Monopoly to Oxford Street, where a 3,000x multiplier was waiting. After that came double fives, so another roll was triggered. Mr Monopoly ended his first circle, which doubled all the multipliers on the table. He stopped at Community Chest and triggered a 100x multiplier. The next stop was Pentonville Road with a 1,000x multiplier. The stroll ended on Marlborough Road with a 1,400x multiplier. 

4 Rolls Monopoly Bonus Strikes Two Times in a Row

The fun was just starting because players got back-to-back 4 Rolls. Mr. Monopoly did not have time to finish his tea, he immediately went back to the board. The first roll wasn’t promising, since he ended up in jail, but the second roll got the players an extra roll, with double threes. As for the multiplier, it was slim, only 4x. 

Mr. Monopoly really decided to play with players’ nerves in his second outing on the board, because another extra roll was won with double twos. A Free Parking field landed them a 7x multiplier. After that, players got a 12x multiplier, and a chance card with £90 bonus win. The final roll ended on the Income Tax, which took some of the money away.

Even so, players were more than satisfied with the results, which could be seen in the comments below. A total of 153 players got their money, and this is the list of the top 10 winners.

  1. Kiki – £266,976
  2. Janvy – £193,223
  3. Flixinho – £125,493
  4. David – £96,010
  5. James – £96,010
  6. BigWinRecorder – £83,662
  7. Cwank – £82,592
  8. Deano – £57,606
  9. Shaneo – £48,005
  10. Agnes – £48,005

If you are keen to see how the action unfolded, you can watch the video here.

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