Live Monopoly: 10x Multiplier and 4 Rolls Award €315,858

A video posted by Bonus Hunter on YouTube this October brought us an interesting round of Monopoly Live, where a total of €315,858 had been won. Thanks to the generous host, the Wheel first stopped on the Chance field, and Mr Monopoly revealed a 10x multiplier.

Immediately after that, the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment, taking the old man to the board, where he managed to gather a total 230x multiplier, thus making happy 857 players. The biggest win was recorded by Iron, who collected €27,289.

Monopoly Wheel Stops on Chance And 4 Rolls

It was a pretty normal day in the studio, Monopoly Man was reading his papers, and drinking his tea, while a smart-looking man, who acted as the host, was spinning the Wheel. As the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment, Rich Uncle Pannybags stood up and revealed a tasty 10x multiplier.

Live Monopoly: 10x Multiplier and 4 Rolls Award €315,858
Live Monopoly: 10x Multiplier and 4 Rolls Award €315,858

This was only the beginning, because the host spun the Wheel again, which stopped on the 4 Rolls field, not letting the old man return to his chair, but pushing him up to the board. As our host screamed that it was the first time he had ever managed to land 4 Rolls immediately after Chance, Mr Monopoly went to the board.

4 Rolls Were Enough for a 230x Multiplier

Now, in this story, there had been no doubles, but believe us when we tell you that 4 rolls were more than enough, because Monopoly Man managed to collect a total multiplier of 230x during his stroll on the board, making happy a total of 857 players, who snatched a slice of the reward.

After applying all the standard multipliers before the rolls had started, all multipliers were boosted by the 10x from the Chance segment. Stopping at Pall Mall, Free Pass, Coventry Street, and Liverpool Street Station was more than enough to collect a win of €315,858. As we have already said, Iron got the biggest slice of the reward, pocketing €27,289.

Here is the list of the top ten winners of the round:

  1. Iron – €27,289
  2. MaybeNowMaybeLater – €14,636
  3. superselim – €12,280
  4. Yessine0101 – €10,120
  5. Anabel189 – €8,893
  6. Aslanbey – €8,781
  7. SMM868(PS) – €6,930
  8. Vi – €5,998
  9. Emre – €5,854
  10. Pewpew – €5,775

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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