A Total of 991 Players Win a Tasty 533x Multiplier

Another fun afternoon in the Monopoly Live studio! A total of 991 players have enjoyed a tasty 533x multiplier after a very exciting 4 Rolls Bonus round. At the very beginning of the video, competitors were not that happy with what the host had been doing behind the Wheel.

Also, the host was not satisfied with some of the comments, which included some impolite words. Meanwhile, Mr Monopoly was sitting on his chair, writing thing down in his pad. Thanks to the little help of Lady Luck, the following spin of the Wheel resulted in 4 Rolls, taking the old man to the board.

The First Three Rolls of the Dice Deliver Doubles

Once Rich Uncle Pennybags stepped on the board, random multipliers were added to certain fields. The first roll of the dice delivered two fours, taking Monopoly Man to Euston Road, and delivering an extra roll of the dice. Who would have thought that it was only the first of the 4 extra rolls in total!

Monopoly Live: 991 Players Win a Tasty 533x Multiplier!
Monopoly Live: 991 Players Win a Tasty 533x Multiplier!

After the initial 3x multiplier, the second roll also came with doubles, but took Mr Monopoly to jail. Two sixes were the result of the third roll, so another doubles and another extra roll. After visiting Chance, the old man went to Piccadilly, where a 9x multiplier had been waiting.

Another Double for a Total of 4 Extra Rolls

The biggest multiplier of the round had been taken on Mayfair, delivering 500x. Roll number 6 resulted in another double, giving players the final extra roll of the round, four extra rolls in total. The sixth roll of the dice also made Mr Monopoly pass the Go field, doubling all current multipliers.

The two final stops for Rich Uncle Pennybags were Bow Street (8x), and Fenchurch Street Station (10x), delivering a total multiplier of 533x.

According to the host, 991 winners in the round, and the biggest prize won this time is $29,000. Also, there were winners that went home with $24,000, $23,000, and $19,000.

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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