Another Amazing Round For Xposed on Monopoly Live

Our Monopoly live winner from last week, Codeman, is once again the main character in another crazy story. This time we have a real treat for you, a 4 Rolls Bonus with a total of 7 Doubles in a single round. So, players had 11 rolls of the dice and a total multiplier of 100x.

Once again, plenty of action, excitement, followed by plenty of passionate celebrations of Codeman during his live video. In the end, he was the player that won the biggest prize of $15,150.

With The Change of Host Comes the Change of Luck

As you will have the opportunity to see for yourselves, the video is rather long, and there had been two hosts. The first one was a lady in a green dress, and she was not that successful. Once her substitute came, things started to look better for all competitors.

As for Codeman, he got two tasty payouts in the first three spins of the Wheel, made by the new male host. The fourth spin of the Wheel took Mr Monopoly to the board, since it had stopped on the 4 Rolls segment.

Codeman Gets Around the Board Twice

This is where the craziness begins. The first three rolls of the dice all delivered doubles, leading the old man to Euston Road (3x), Bow Street (4x), and Free Parking (7x). The fourth roll took Rich Uncle Pennybags to Piccadilly, where a 15x multiplier had been waiting.

Just when Codeman and the rest of the players started thinking that three doubles were all they are going to get, the following two rolls also delivered doubles and made Mr Monopoly get around the board for the first time. After visiting the Liverpool Street Station (5x), and the Chance field (6x), the seventh roll took Monopoly Man to Jail.

Another Amazing Round For Xposed on Monopoly Live
Monopoly Live: Another Amazing Round For Xposed

The next stop was the Vine Street, delivering a 10x multiplier. And, once again, we come to two successive rolls that end in doubles, bringing players to a total of 7 doubles in a single round. The final stop was Whitechapel Road with 16x.

Even though players had not been very lucky on two occasions, when they almost hit the fields carrying the biggest multipliers, it is important to say that Mr Monopoly did get around the board twice in a single round, which does not happen that often.

This is the list of the top 10 winners:

  1. Codeman – $15,150
  2. Lucky – $7,818
  3. NN – $5,555
  4. garwi – $3,746
  5. hanitahabey – $3,367
  6. 4674510 – $3,361
  7. leon39 – $3,302
  8. Justkiller14 – $3,058
  9. ConDawg – $3,058
  10. Meggio – $2,447

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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