Monopoly Live: Back-to-Back Rolls and 8x multiplier deliver $580,000

Evolution Gaming host Agris was the one spinning the Wheel in our latest Monopoly Live Big Wins article, which the players did not really appreciate. Seems like players claim that Agris never delivered good Bonus rounds.

This was about to change as the smart-looking man in a dark suit spun the Monopoly Wheel, which first stopped on the Chance segment, revealing an 8x multiplier. The next two spins of the Wheel delivered back-to-back 4 Rolls and 2 Rolls on the board.

The total amount won went over $580,000, but Mr Monopoly’s first outing on the board delivered $571,523 to 461 players. The user with the nickname Corona got the biggest win of the round – $78,924.

Chance, 4 Rolls and Two Double Threes in the First Stroll

The day started, as usual, with Rich Uncle Pennybags drinking his tea, reading his paper, while Agris was spinning the Wheel. And the reaction of players was not as good as expected, because they did not have plenty of luck when Agris was in the studio.

The Wheel first stopped on a Chance Segment, which delivered an 8x multiplier, but that was only the beginning. The next spin made the Wheel land on the 4 Rolls segment, making the old man go to the board.

Before he started his stroll, the 8x multiplier was applied to all fields. The first roll of the dice saw Mr Monopoly stop on The Angel Islington, delivering a 24x multiplier. Roll number two took the old man to the Community Chest, revealing an 8x inheritance. The next roll delivered double threes, securing an extra roll of the dice, and leading Rich Uncle Pennybags to Fleet Street, where a 48x multiplier was waiting.

Monopoly Live: Back-to-Back Rolls and 8x Multiplier Deliver $580,000 Total Payout
Monopoly Live: Back-to-Back Rolls and 8x Multiplier Deliver $580,000 Total Payout

His next stop was on Bond Street, resulting in a 240x multiplier, while the final roll of the dice once again delivered double threes, allowing the old man to pass the Go field and double all multipliers. He ended his stroll on Pentonville Road, finishing his first outing with an 80x multiplier.

Rich Uncle Pennybags Didn’t Have Time To Rest

That is true, because as soon as he got back to the studio and took his newspapers, Agris spun the Wheel and surprised players with another stroll on the board, since the Wheel stopped on the 2 Rolls segment.

After boosting some of the multipliers on the board, the first roll of the dice took Mr Monopoly to Kings Cross Station, where a 5x multiplier was been waiting. Roll number two saw him land on the Electric Company field, with another 5x multiplier.  

The total amount won during the second outing on the board was nothing to brag about, but it added some money on top of the first big win, totaling $571,523 and shared among 461 players. As we have already said, Corona won the most, $78,924, and here is the list of the top 10 winners of the first round:

  1. Corona – $78,924
  2. puks – $52,616
  3. Chriss – $30,745
  4. kay94 – $15,789
  5. Probarber – $15,789
  6. LogiDIP – $13,154
  7. Kuku – $12,631
  8. lunaparc – $11,049
  9. ttk1 – $8,050
  10. Adolfo 101 – $7,892

Check out the video here for full gameplay.

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