Live Monopoly: Bonus Hunter Walks Away With €11,010 After Chance and 4 Rolls

You may remember Amer, the host from our previous text that had a bit of a quarrel with Codeman. Even though the Xposed hero hadn’t been happy with Amer, at the end of the round he won $45,300. In our next story, we will not talk about Codeman, but Amer is here once again, and this time he was lucky for the Bonus Hunter, who walked away with €11,010 after a €10 bet.

Thanks to Amer’s skillful spinning of the Wheel, the result was one Chance segment with a 5x multiplier, followed by the 4 Rolls Bonus. The total win of the round was €498,997, shared among 369 lucky winners.

Amer Talks About His Arrival, While Mr Monopoly Reads Papers

Amer was talking to players about his good impressions about the country when he had come from Tunisia. He stated that he had been pleasantly surprised on how the people had helped him find his way upon arrival.

Monopoly Man did not seem interested in the story, so he was quietly reading his paper. The Wheel was spinning and it stopped on the Chance segment. This made Rich Uncle Pennybags get up and reveal a 5x multiplier. He did not have time to sit down, because the following spin of the Wheel took him to the board.

The First Roll Reveals Doubles

The round seemed promising from the very beginning, because the first roll of the dice delivered doubles. Because of that, players got an extra roll of the dice, while the old man delivered a 25x multiplier. After visiting the Angel Station, Mr Monopoly went to Whitehall and revealed a 15x multiplier.

Roll number three took Monopoly Man to the Free Parking field, where a 35x multiplier had been waiting.  Water Works was the next stop, and a 25x multiplier was the next win. The final spin was the most successful one of the round. The dice revealed a six and a three, which was a sign for Rich Uncle Pennybags to visit Park Lane. The biggest multiplier of the round was placed exactly on Park Lane, so players got the biggest possible boost of 1,000x.

Monopoly Live: Bonus Hunter Walks Away With €11,010 after Chance and 4 Rolls
Live Monopoly: Bonus Hunter Walks Away With €11,010 After Chance and 4 Rolls

Bonus Hunter could be more than satisfied with a win of €11,010, since the initial bet had been only €10. Such a win earned him a place in the top ten winners of the round:

  1. Hoo – €91,170
  2. Rose9962178865015-8 – €18,234
  3. bc006701 – €16,513
  4. Hope2900 – €13,007
  5. Sawa – €12,464
  6. gma_jhj0906 – €12,385
  7. BonusHunter – €11,010
  8. ChickenLegs – €9,117
  9. hghgh – €9,117
  10. IsME – €9,117

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.


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