Monopoly Live: Boosted by 30x multiplier, 2 rolls bonus delivers great prizes

Slotspinner casino streamer, a YouTube channel that streams live games from different online casinos, has brought us yet another “crazy” live gaming experience.

This time we bring you an exciting story from Mr Green online casino with Mr Monopoly as the main “suspect” for helping someone bank some serious cash!

A super-popular Monopoly Live game by Evolution Gaming has already put a lot of smiles on players’ faces since its roll-out in 2019 and awarded some serious winnings.

So, let’s see how the game helped this lucky guy win €6,775 on a €25 wager.  

How 2 Monopoly Chances Led to 2 Rolls

The story began when the Monopoly wheel first stopped on the Chance field. Mr Monopoly, a true gentleman, stood up from his comfy sofa and revealed a 10x multiplier. Then the second spin happened, and the wheel stopped on Chance again! 

This time Mr Monopoly unveiled a 3x multiplier that, combined with the first one, made a total of 30x. Not bad! But, this was just a beginning.

When the next spin of the wheel landed on the 2 Rolls segment, it was clear that a highly rewarding bonus game was on the cards.

2 Rolls Bonus Game as a Lucky Clover

Here is when Mr Monopoly got excited and gladly moved into action, entering a 3D bonus Monopoly game and multiplying first random fields and then all of them with said 30x multiplier.

Monopoly Live: Boosted by 30x multiplier, 2 rolls bonus delivers great prizes

As the first roll of the dice resulted in 11, Mr Monopoly started running down the Monopoly road and stopped at the 11th field, Pall Mall, awarding a 150x multiplier. With a chip value of €25, Slotspinner won €3,750.

The subsequent dice roll revealed 2 and 1 – a total of 3. And again, Mr Monopoly happily moved three fields to the right and landed at Northumberland Avenue with a 120x multiplier. So, this round was worth €3,000. 

Finally, when adding up both wins, the lucky guy banked a total of €6,775 bonus wins with a €25 wager. Not bad, right!

And finally, to motivate you to give Mr Monopoly Live a go, if you haven’t already, here is a list of top 10 payouts from this particular round:

  1. thezlata – €33,875
  2. HCORM0038972368 – €27,100
  3. notgrd291451 – €18,499
  4. SLOTSPINJA – €6,775
  5. BigWinRecorder – €5,420
  6. Jonas123 – €5,420
  7. And123 – €4,518
  8. pallman67 – €4,193
  9. Spuddy75 – €4,193
  10. davro87 – €3,012

To see the entire bonus round watch the video here.

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