Chance and 2 Rolls Deliver a €4,900 Win

LetsGiveItASpin crew has released another interesting video. The dynamic duo, Kim and Blanco did not appear together this time, because, according to Blanco, Kim had gone out for lunch at that particular moment, so Blanco had to do everything himself.

That did not ruin his mood, because he was smiling all the time, and he really had something to smile about. The round on Monopoly Live, which was released on their YouTube channel on 8th January 2021, delivered a tasty 100x multiplier, so, thanks to a starting €50 bet, Blanco won €4,900 at the end.

Blanco Doesn’t Miss Kim At All

At the beginning of the video, the followers’ first question had been “Where is the other guy?” to which Blanco responded that Kim would be back in about one hour and that he was on a lunch break.

As far as we could say, it seemed that Blanco did not miss his companion at all, because he was smiling all the time while talking to his followers and watching the round of Monopoly Live. Just as he was responding to some of the questions, the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment, making Monopoly Man stand up from his chair and reveal a multiplier.

Live Monopoly: Chance and 2 Rolls deliver €4,900 Win
Live Monopoly: Chance and 2 Rolls deliver €4,900 Win

The 10x multiplier was what contestants got from the old man, and Blanco was pretty pleased with the result. As some of the players asked the host for the Wheel to stop on 1, the Wheel had different plans, because it stopped on the 2 Rolls field, taking the 10x multiplier obtained from Chance to the board.

The Host Stops The Wheel On 2 Rolls For The First Time

The host was pretty excited about the result as well, because, according to him, this was the first time the Wheel had stopped on the 2 Rolls segment when he was in charge of spinning. The first roll of the dice delivered double six, giving players an additional roll, and taking Rich Uncle Pennybags to Electric Company, which delivered a 50x multiplier.

The second roll of the dice took Mr Monopoly to Marlborough Street, and another 50x multiplier was obtained. Blanco and rest of the players did not have much luck with the final roll of the dice, because, instead of stopping on the Strand, where a 200x multiplier had been waiting, the dice took the old man one field further, to the Chance, which made Blanco pay a €100 fine for speeding.

The speeding fine did not affect Blanco’s mood at all, because he did win a total of €4,900 at the end, which was the second-highest win of the round.

Here is the list of the top ten winners of the round:

  1. adadeb123456 – €23,326
  2. LetsgiveitaspinTV – €4,950
  3. Cris – €4,950
  4. MelloMelloMellow – €3,950
  5. Hamnett95 – €2,765
  6. 323 – €2,475
  7. Yougz – €1,980
  8. ah – €1,529
  9. Nolhki – €1,485
  10. CiOTone – €1,485

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.


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