Chily From Casino Squad Wins €890 on a €5 Bet

Our next text in the Big Wins section will take us to Italy, where the Casino Squad was joined by the lovely Penelope. Penelope and her companion were arguing about whether they should quit playing Monopoly Live and test their luck with video slots or Crazy Time.

Fortunately for them, their argument did not end before the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment. The old man went to the board and delivered €298,299 to 956 lucky winners. Penelope had made a €5 bet, and her total win was €890.

Chily Almost Leaves Monopoly Live Studio

At the very beginning of the video, you will see Penelope and her Italian companion arguing about whether they should leave the Monopoly Live studio and try out some video slots and Crazy time. During their argument, the host in the background was talking about how her husband proposed and how he loved cooking.

So, a rather dull beginning of the story. Even the Monopoly Man was not listening to his coworker, he was quietly sipping his tea in his chair. Just as Penelope was thanking some of the followers for their support, the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment, taking Rich Uncle Pennybags to the board.

Viale Dei Giardini Offers The Biggest Multiplier

Even though there had not been any Chances prior to the 4 Rolls round, the multipliers were pretty good. The best ones were offered by Viale Dei Giardini (150x), and Parco Della Vittoria (100x). The only desire of the Casino Squad was that Monopoly Man visits one of these fields.

Monopoly Live Casino: Squad Wins EUR890 on EUR5 Bet
Monopoly Live Bet: Squad Wins EUR890 on EUR5 Bet

The first roll of the dice was promising, delivering doubles, which meant an extra roll, and a 4x multiplier. Those were the only doubles of the round. Rich Uncle Pennybags’ next stop was Stazione Ovest, where a 5x multiplier had been waiting. Roll number 3 took the old man to Chance and revealed a 10x multiplier.

Here is the list of the top ten winners of the round:

  1. jellywellyley – €10,215
  2. Steve0010 – €9,883
  3. geppo – €9,790
  4. u guf – €8,900
  5. hhhh – €8,757
  6. SAKI – €6,653
  7. mik m – €6,230
  8. Dabdoub19 – €6,157
  9. Teeler – €5,914
  10. hq – €5,473

Here you can watch the entire round.

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