Live Monopoly: Codeman wins $45,300 thanks to Chance and 4 rolls bonus

Codeman from Xposed keeps landing huge wins on Monopoly Live these days, completely occupying our Big Wins section in the last couple of weeks. This time, he managed to pocket two big wins in a short amount of time. First, he recorded a $15,300 win on a $300 bet, because the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment and on 10 field immediately after that.

Not long after the first big win came the 4 Rolls Bonus, and here Codeman snatched $30,000. The total win in the end was mouth-watering $45,300.

Codeman Spends a Lot Of Time Asking For Rolls

Amer was the host of this particular round and Codeman did not like that. He kept asking Amer for rolls, but, in the very beginning, Codeman’s  insisting on rolls was not successful. Despite the fact that the hero of our story was not satisfied with Amer’s spinning of the Wheel, one spin resulted in a huge win.

First, the Wheel stopped on the Chance field, and Mr Monopoly was off his chair instantly. He revealed a 5x multiplier. The following spin landed on the 10 segment, and it delivered a $15,300 win for Codeman. You can only imagine how the Xposed member was happy with such a turn of fortune after a long spell of low wins or no wins.

Xposed Man Tops The Winning List In 4 Rolls Bonus

Codeman’s happiness did not last, because the rolls bonus was nowhere to be found. The Xposed hero frustrated because he hadn’t seen any Rolls bonuses for two entire days of playing. Just when he had been starting to lose hope, the Wheel heard him and landed on a 4 Rolls field.

Monopoly Live: Codeman Wins $45,300 Thanks To Chance And 4 Rolls Bonus
Monopoly Live: Codeman Wins $45,300 Thanks To Chance And 4 Rolls Bonus

While Monopoly Man climbed up to the board, Codeman was dancing. The first roll of the dice delivered nothing players should dance about, because Rich Uncle Pennybags ended up in jail. The second roll of the dice resulted in doubles and free parking, with a 7x multiplier. Roll number three took Monopoly Man to Leicester Square, where another 7x multiplier had been waiting.

After that, the old man visited Community Chest and got a 10x multiplier. The best was saved for the last roll of the dice. Mr Monopoly’s final stroll of the round took him to Mayfair and Codeman got a tasty 125x multiplier. He got a total win of $30,000 in the 4 Rolls Bonus.

Here is the list of the top ten winners of the round:

  1. Codeman – $30,000
  2. ziogalo39 – $18,207
  3. crazyNUTS – $13,655
  4. gameofbet – $10,037
  5. CustomCasa – $7,500
  6. Big Win – $6,941
  7. bc006701 – $6,805
  8. tagsy1 – $5,116
  9. BP – $3,001
  10. At – $3,000

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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