Live Monopoly: Double Chance and 4 Rolls See AyeZee Win €20,800

On June 27th 2020, AyeZee, a full-time casino streamer, released a video on YouTube, where he played Monopoly Live, earning a place in our Big Wins section. AyeZee was talking to his followers and to other players in the round, while a smart-looking man was spinning the Wheel.

The round in question saw back-to-back Chance segments, both revealing a 3x multiplier, while the third spin of the Wheel stopped on 4 Rolls, taking the old man to the board. AyeZee ended the round walking away with cool €20,800 in his pockets.

4 Rolls Monopoly Bonus Follows Back to Back Chance

While AyeZee was making conversation with other players and his followers, the gentleman in a suit was spinning the Wheel. During that time, Rich Uncle Pennybags was reading his papers.

The first stop of the Wheel was on the Chance segment, revealing a 3x multiplier. AyeZee made a comment that 3x is ok, but 3x and 4Rolls would be very nice. Unfortunately for him, the Wheel did not stop on the 4 Rolls segment on the next spin. It stopped on Chance again, revealing another 3x multiplier.

Live Monopoly: Double Chance and 4 Rolls See AyeZee Win €20,800
Monopoly Live: Double Chance and 4 Rolls See AyeZee Win €20,800

Two Chances in a row is not a common situation when it comes to Monopoly Live, but that was only the beginning, since the third spin of the Wheel ended up on the 4 Rolls segment, with a total of 9x multiplier to be applied on all fields on the board. AyeZee was ecstatic!

Mr Monopoly’s Stroll on the Board Fills AyeZee’s Pockets With €20,800

Two 3x multipliers merged and the total 9x multiplier boosted the value of all fields as the old man was preparing to begin his stroll. The first roll of the dice took Mr Monopoly to Euston Road, where a 45x multiplier was waiting. Roll two resulted in double twos, rewarding players with an extra roll of the dice and making Old Man Pennybags take a walk to the Electric Company, which also delivered a 45x multiplier.

The third roll also delivered a 45x multiplier, taking Mr Monopoly to The Strand. The last two rolls got Ayezee another 45x multiplier on the Water Works field and a 9x multiplier on the Community Chest.

At the end of the round, AyeZee stated that he had never got Rolls after a Chance segment, and for the first time, he got back-to-back Chances and 4 Rolls in only one round. With an initial bet of €100, AyeZee was pleased with his total €20,800 win.

Here you can watch gameplay highlights.

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