€301,747 shared between 1,351 Monopoly Live players

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You will probably remember the smart-looking Monopoly Live host from one of our previous stories. He brought luck the last time he was here, and his hand proved to be extremely lucky one more time. In back-to-back spins, the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment and the 4 Rolls Bonus.

First, the old man revealed an 8x multiplier. As for the 4 Rolls Bonus, it turned into 8 rolls in total, with the little help of Doubles. The final result was a total win of €301,747, shared among 1,351 players.

Monopoly Live host shares his excitement as wheel stops on the 4 Rolls Bonus.
Monopoly Live host shares his excitement as wheel stops on the 4 Rolls Bonus.

Two Spins for a Chance and 4 Rolls Bonus

At the beginning of the story, our smart-looking host was chatting with one of the players. The Wheel stopped at the Chance segment, which was Mr. Monopoly’s cue to leave his newspapers, get up, and stand to help the host by revealing a prize. Contestants got an 8x multiplier. Rich uncle Pennybags had remained standing next to the Wheel as if he knew something was going to happen.

The host spun the Wheel once again, claiming that, wherever the Wheel stopped, the prize would be boosted with an 8x multiplier. As the Wheel started slowing down, the host started realizing that it would stop on the 4 Rolls Bonus. That is when he started screaming and shouting, while the old man went straight to the board.

Mr Monopoly ends his winning streak on Free Parking (112x)
Mr Monopoly ends his winning streak on Free Parking (112x)

4 Rolls Bonus Turns into 8 Rolls

Before he started his stroll, Monopoly Man boosted all the fields with an 8x multiplier. The walk did not start as expected because his first stop had been Income Tax. However, the following roll of the dice displayed Doubles, taking Mr. Monopoly to Northumberland Avenue (32x), and giving players an extra roll. After a brief visit to the Strand (40x), it was time for the second Doubles of the round. This time, the dice revealed snake eyes and made the old man visit Fleet Street, where an 80x multiplier had been waiting.

Roll number 5 took Rich uncle Pennybags to Piccadilly, delivering a 72x multiplier. The following two rolls resulted in back-to-back Doubles. Before Monopoly Man visited Old Kent Road (32x), he had to pass the Go field, doubling all multipliers on the board. Pall Mall (48x) was his next destination, and he ended his stroll on Free Parking (112x). Finally, a 416x total multiplier delivered a €301,747 win, which was shared among 1,351 players.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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