€306,991 shared among 1,245 Monopoly Live winners

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Even though Autumn is here, and the days get colder and colder, it is always hot in the Monopoly Live studio. We are bringing you another interesting story, in which 1,245 players shared a win of €306,991. The story has a bit of a slow beginning, but the finish is awesome.

Check out how a 2 Rolls Bonus turns into 4 rolls, with a little help of Doubles. The last roll of the round is probably the most exciting part of our story because Mr Monopoly managed to reach the field with the biggest multiplier of the round.

As the host was saying
As the host was saying “hello” to the Philippines, the Monopoly Wheel stopped on the 2 Rolls Bonus.

Monopoly Live Host says hello to the Philippines

What seemed like a quiet afternoon in the Monopoly Live studio, quickly turned into an exciting 2 Rolls Bonus round. Both Mr Monopoly and the smart-looking host were relaxing. While the old man was writing something down in his notepad, the host was saying hello to the country of the Philippines and wishing good luck to all players.

The Wheel was still spinning when the host asked all the contestants whether they ever woke up in the morning, saying high to a specific country. He was making small talk to players, making sure that Monopoly Man does not fall asleep. He seemed so comfortable in his chair. Fortunately for everybody, the Wheel stopped on the 2 Rolls Bonus. That made Rich uncle Pennybags stand up from his comfortable chair and go straight to the board.

Mr Monopoly lands on Park Lane to collect 125x - the biggest multiplier on the board!
Mr Monopoly lands on Park Lane to collect 125x – the biggest multiplier on the board!

Park Lane the Final Stop of the Round

The very first roll of the dice resulted in Doubles and took the old man straight to the Electric Company, where a 5x multiplier had been waiting. Doubles secured an additional roll of the dice. The next stop was Vine Street, offering a 7x multiplier. The third roll displayed a new Doubles, giving players 4 rolls in total in this round.

After visiting Coventry Street (10x), it was time for the final roll. Park Lane (250x) and Mayfair (125x) were not that close, Mr Monopoly needed big numbers to reach one of those fields. At that moment, Lady Luck decided to help all the contestants and the last roll delivered a 4 and a 6. That was enough for the old man to reach Park Lane and collect the biggest multiplier on the board. The total multiplier of the round was 272x, and €306,991 was shared among 1,245 players.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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