Fencer GG Wins €17,000 on a €100 Monopoly Live Gamble

We hope that you remember our old friend Fencer GG, the famous Monopoly Live Gamble fan that we wrote about some time ago. He came back after a while, with a prepared explanation about his betting strategy. He was trying to explain to his followers how they should place their bets so that they do not lose much money in the process.

His full-proof strategy even got him a rewarding 4 Rolls Bonus round. With a bet of €100, he managed to pocket €17,000. The entire round resulted in a total win of €253,033, shared among 998 players. Our friend Fencer GG ended up in second place on the top-10 list of winners.

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Fencer GG explains his Monopoly Live strategy

Fencer GG had been absent from the game for a while, and he decided to come back and explain his betting strategy. Also, he thought that it was time for one of the bonuses to appear under the stopper, given the fact that there hadn’t been Chances or Rolls for quite a while.

It even seemed that Monopoly Man was listening closely to Fencer’s strategy, because he was writing down things in his notepad. According to Fencer, it was important to place bets on all fields but field 1. We will leave it to you to decide whether he was right. His initial total bet had been €300, but, after a while, he went to €600.

Monopoly Live: Fencer GG Wins €17,000 on a €100 Bet
The dice revealed a six and a one, taking Monopoly Man to Mayfair, delivering a 100x multiplier.

Double bet does the trick

Fencer GG’s initial idea of the double bet was to keep it only for a couple of spins. However, it turned out to be an excellent strategy because when the stopper pointed to the 4 Rolls, his bonus bet had been €100. Mr Monopoly went to the board and added multipliers to random positions. However, Fencer GG was not that satisfied with the old man’s generosity on certain parts of the board.

The initial roll revealed the biggest possible doubles, giving an extra roll to players, and making Rich uncle Pennybags visit the Electric Company, where a 5x multiplier had been waiting. His next stop was Strand, offering the same multiplier as the previous field (5x). After visiting Water Works (another 5x), it was time for the second doubles and a stroll straight to Oxford Street (25x).

This is the point where Fencer GG was hoping either for a five or seven. The dice revealed a six and a one, taking Monopoly Man to Mayfair, delivering a 100x multiplier. The total multiplier was 170x, securing Fencer GG a win of €17,000. The total win of €253,033 was shared among 998 players.

This is the list of the top 10 winners of the round:

  1. brytjo-217 – $23,845
  2. SubToFencerGG – $17,100
  3. dimiangel – $15,952
  4. Jadess – $11,212
  5. Gamb – $9,383
  6. Jens_5:22108064 – $8,445
  7. Kirito – $4,804
  8. Ath 2020 – $4,691
  9. Wilmer – $3,753
  10. shivaimloveyou! – $3,420

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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