Monopoly Live: A Great Night Ride Results in a €172,480 Win

Night howls among players will be pleased to know that the Evolution Monopoly Live Studio is not only working late into the night, but also tends to deliver delicious wins in the middle of the night. That was the case with a round that we will describe in this text. At the beginning of the story, the host and some of the players were exchanging recipes for tacos. By the end of the video, they were sharing a total win of €172,480.

This was a great night ride, thanks to the 4 Rolls Bonus. The best part of the story is that the round ended with 7 rolls in total, due to three doubles. This allowed Mr Monopoly to snatch the best two multipliers from the board and deliver a total multiplier of 287x.

Host and players share taco recipes

In the very beginning of the video, the host and the players were discussing Spanish cuisine and sharing recipes for tacos. Since it had been so late into the night (around 03:00 AM), they must have been suffering from the munchies. What we do know for a fact is that Mr Monopoly was not hungry, because he was sitting comfortably in his chair, sipping his tea.

The story about the tacos continued and the host almost missed to see that the Wheel had stopped on the 4 Rolls bonus. This was a clear sign for the old man to stand up and go straight to the board. Before the round started, random multipliers had been added to random fields.

Live Monopoly: The Angel, Islington (6x) was the final stop in this round, and 287x was the total win multiplier
Monopoly Live: The Angel, Islington (6x) was the final stop in this round, and 287x was the total win multiplier

Two doubles bring the biggest two multipliers

The first roll of the dice took Rich Uncle Pennybags to the Chance field, revealing a 5x multiplier. Players did not have to wait too long for doubles to appear. Two sixes added another roll and sent the old man to Vine Street. However, the win multiplier did not get bigger. Once again, a 5x multiplier was revealed.

The following two stops were Fleet Street (12x) and Piccadilly (9x). Roll number 5 delivered the second doubles, taking Monopoly Man to Park Lane, where a 50x multiplier had been waiting. Mayfair was only 2 positions away, and nobody expected to land the top multiplier of the round. It was time for Lady Luck to step in. Snake eyes appeared on the dice, delivering 200x to contestants. The final roll of the dice made Mr Monopoly pass the Go field and double all the multipliers.

The Angel, Islington (6x) was the final stop in this round, and 287x was the total win multiplier. A tasty reward for 442 players, who shared €172,480.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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