Monopoly Live: Kim & Blanco from LetsGiveItASpin win €14,750

One of the live streams released by Kim and Blanco from LetsGiveItASpin was particularly interesting for Monopoly Live Gamblers. During their live video, the Monopoly Wheel was spun 6 times and in those six times, it stopped three times on the 4 Rolls segment.

Mr Monopoly’s last outing on the board was the most successful one, giving LetsGiveItASpin guys a massive win of €14,750. Instead of only 4 rolls, they got 8 rolls in total, thanks to four doubles landed. The most important fact about this round is that, with the little help of Lady Luck, Kim and Blanco managed to land Monopoly Man on the two fields that had offered the biggest multipliers of the round.

Kim Asks Aris to Keep Spinning Monopoly Rolls and He Listens

There had been some interesting facts related to Rich Uncle Pennybags’ third outing on the board in this live video. Aris was the host of the round, and, at a certain point, Kim decided to send him a text on the live chat, pleading him to keep spinning rolls. The moment the text had been sent, the wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment, leaving Kim and Blanco ecstatic.

The sad part of the story is that Kim had been planning to double his wager, but backed out in the last minute, so the win of the round could have been bigger. No use of crying over spilt milk, we always say.

Anyway, the old man’s start on the board was the best, because the dice immediately showed double sixes, taking Mr Monopoly to the Electric Company, where a 5x multiplier had been waiting. The Strand was the second stop, and another 5x multiplier was delivered. The next roll of the dice delivered double threes, and took them to Coventry Street, carrying an 8x multiplier.

Snake Eyes Bring Kim and Blanco Luck

After the third roll, Kim and Blanco had a change of luck. Dice had shown five, and took Monopoly Man to Oxford Street, delivering 50x. Another five on the dice made the old man travel to Park Lane, where the biggest multiplier of 100x was delivered.

That was only the beginning, because two fields away, on Mayfair, there had been another 100x multiplier, just waiting to be taken. So, our heroes started praying for a two. Lady Luck had really been listening to their pleads, because double ones appeared on the dice on the next roll.

You can only imagine the reaction of Kim and Blanco when they had realized that they took the two biggest multipliers on the board in the same round.

Monopoly Live: Kim & Blanco From LetsGiveItASpin Win €14,750
Monopoly Live: Kim & Blanco From LetsGiveItASpin Win €14,750

After passing the Go field, and doubling all multipliers on the board, Mr Monopoly made two more stops. The first was on Pall Mall with a 6x multiplier, and on Community Chest, delivering a 20x multiplier. When all sums up, the LetsGiveItASpin boys walked away with a cool €14,750 win, thus deserving a place in our text.

Here is the list of the top ten winners of the round:

  1. Ray – €32,790
  2. gulien – €28,288
  3. Letsgiveitaspin_ – €14,750
  4. leon39 – €8,943
  5. Natsarf – €8,850
  6. Ems – €7,375
  7. Let get us Rolls – €5,900
  8. janne – €5,900
  9. markoyugo – €5,900
  10. tplays – €5,289

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