Monopoly Live: Kim from LetsGiveItASpin wins over €7,000

Most of you are probably familiar with the work of Kim, a former professional poker player who now streams casino games on his LetsGiveItASpin Youtube channel, and most of you also know that he did not have plenty of luck playing Monopoly Live during 2019.

However, his luck was about to change when he decided to play a round or two this February. It did not look that way in the very beginning when the Monopoly Wheel had been spun by a lovely looking girl in her twenties. But, once a smart-looking guy took over the Wheel, Kim’s luck started to change, and he ended up with a total of €7,050 in his pockets, with a starting bet of €50.

With the Change of Host Comes the Change of Luck

Kim had not been in a good mood at the beginning of his video. He had been playing Blackjack for a while and then decided to test his luck on Monopoly Live. At the very start, Kim stated that already in February, the year 2020 had been much better than in 2019.

Once he placed his bets, the lovely girl started spinning the Wheel but she did not bring any luck to Kim, so he left the room. While he was gone, the new host came in and spun the Wheel, which stopped on the 4 Rolls segment. As Kim entered the room, Mr Monopoly was already on the board, preparing for his stroll.

Rich Uncle Pennybags first stopped on Pall Mall, where an 8x multiplier had been waiting. The next roll of the dice was even worse since it made Monopoly Man stop at Marlborough Street, rewarding players with a 5x multiplier.

After Roll 3 Comes Serious Cash

Roll 3 is where an interesting multiplier of 25x was revealed because the old man stopped on Piccadilly. Park Lane was the cherry on the cake, delivering a mouthwatering 75x multiplier. The total multiplier was 113x. If we take under consideration that the initial bet had been €50, Kim finished the game with €5,700.

Monopoly Live: Kim From LetsGiveItASpin Wins Over €7,000
Monopoly Live: Kim From LetsGiveItASpin Wins Over €7,000

Interestingly enough, the fun did not end there, because the host spun the Monopoly Wheel two more times and it stopped on the Chance segment on both occasions. The first Chance delivered an 8x win multiplier, while the second Chance offered a cash payout, multiplied by 8x, delivering €1,350 to Kim.

In the end, Kim was more than happy, because he managed to pocket a total of €7,050 in this crazy round. Here is the list of the top 10 winners:

  1. Letsgiveitaspin_ – €7,050
  2. UE1 – €5,700
  3. ebra86 – €5,130
  4. tysthegoat – €4,693
  5. baeguboy – €4,362
  6. Ems – €3,420
  7. Gokker9 – €3,283
  8. pete668 – €2,850
  9. i438294832 – €2,850
  10. POLAND WIN – €2,850

If you want to see how the action unfolded, you can watch the whole video here.

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