Live Monopoly: Ticket Time Crew Pockets $3,036 on a $23 Bet

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June is proving to be a very hot month for all Monopoly Live fans. Our latest story comes from the Ticket Time crew.

The YouTube video released on 8th June shows how our two heroes record their biggest Monopoly Live win ever. The interesting part of the story is that they weren’t even among the top ten winners of the round.

A $23 bet turned into a $3,036 win, with the help of the total multiplier of 131x. In this interesting 4 Rolls Bonus round, 765 players shared a total win of $149,437.

Ticket Time prays for a Chance and 4 Rolls

At the very beginning of the round, the leader of the Ticket Time crew, Carson, was hoping for a Chance and 4 rolls in two successive spins.

During that time, his companion was sitting quietly in the back, typing something on his tablet. When the Wheel started slowing down, Carson tried to use the power of his mind to stop it on the Chance segment. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful.

However, the Wheel decided to grant Carson’s second wish, stopping on the 4 Rolls segment. This made Carson stand up and celebrate. Even his friend joined the celebration with his funny-looking puppet. This was Ticket Time’s biggest bet on the 4 Rolls Bonus ever. That is why Carson was hoping for the biggest win ever.

Live Monopoly: Ticket Time Crew Pockets $3,036 on a $23 Bet

4 Rolls Bonus ends in 6 rolls thanks to doubles

While Mr Monopoly was going up to the board, Carson was begging him to give Ticket Time a good board and lots of doubles.

The first roll of the dice took the old man to Chance, delivering a 5x multiplier. His next stop was Whitehall, where a 6x multiplier had been waiting.

The third roll delivered the first doubles of the round, sending Monopoly Man to The Strand (10x).

The last doubles of the round came in the next roll, but the 5x multiplier at the Fenchurch Street Station did not satisfy Carson’s appetite.

Even so, he was more than happy with two back-to-back doubles. Roll number 5 resulted in another poor multiplier at Water Works (5x). For the final roll, Carson was counting how many fields he needed for the 100x multiplier on Bond Street.

When he saw a 4 and a 2 on the dice, he started jumping and screaming with excitement. Rich uncle Pennybags ended his stroll on Bond Street, delivering a total multiplier of 131x, securing the biggest win ever for Ticket Time.

Carson and his friend won $3,036, which placed them in the 11th position on the top winners’ list.

This is the list of the top 10 winners:

  1. bbbb – $16,603
  2. Bran – $13,200
  3. Kikin – $8,907
  4. GreyCurry6561-6 – $6,600
  5. Segundob – $6,341
  6. Mmmm – $4,370
  7. Srm – $4,264
  8. Laddu123 – $4,264
  9. Cileni – $3,563
  10. Patje – $3,547

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement. Note that the round we were talking about begins at 8:25.

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