Live Monopoly: Casino Cypher Lands $1,910 on a $10 Bet

Another exciting round of Monopoly Live was broadcast on 11th December 2021, courtesy of Casino Cypher. The video did not actually follow the round from the very beginning, since we did not have the opportunity to see the actual moment when the Wheel landed on the Chance segment and when the Monopoly Man revealed a 5x multiplier.

Even so, we followed the more exciting part of the round. The 4 Rolls Bonus turned into 7 rolls in total, thanks to doubles. The fifth roll nearly missed Mayfair with the top multiplier of 625x. Nevertheless, the multiplier of 190x was more than decent. The total win of $560,903 was shared among 1,313 players, with the top win being $60,533.

The round starts with doubles

The video starts with Casino Cypher and the host screaming and celebrating the fact that the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment. As we learned at that time, the previous spin of the Wheel had stopped on the Chance field. Monopoly Man had revealed a 5x multiplier. In the following scene, Casino Cypher was hoping for an exciting round, while the old man boosted all wins on the board with a 5x multiplier.

Casino Cypher had been hoping for doubles at the very beginning. Rich uncle Pennybags most certainly heard him, because the first roll of the dice resulted in doubles. The first stroll took him to The Angel, Islington, where a 10x multiplier had been waiting.

Live Monopoly: Casino Cypher Lands $1,910 on a $10 Bet
Live Monopoly: Casino Cypher Lands $1,910 on a $10 Bet

From excitement to disappointment and back

After visiting the Community Chest (50x) and Free Parking (35x), Mr Monopoly was waiting for the fourth roll of the dice. It resulted in doubles, which also happened in the fifth roll, so players had the pleasure of benefiting from 7 rolls in total. The fifth roll made Casino Cypher extremely excited because he had thought that the old man will land on Mayfair.

Unfortunately, Monopoly Man missed Mayfair by one field, landing on the Go segment. Even though this doubled all multipliers on the board, Casino Cypher was disappointed with the fact that he had lost a chance to pocket the biggest multiplier of the game (625x). The following roll was an even bigger disappointment due to the fact that Rich uncle Pennybags stopped in Jail. The final roll took him to Free Parking, adding 70x to the total win multiplier.

Taking everything under consideration, the hero of our story was pretty satisfied with the total win, given the fact that he had earned $1,910 with a $10 bet. The best part of the story is that he wasn’t even close to the top 10 winners:

  1. Eliyahooo – $60,533
  2. Harry – $57,173
  3. Enes – $18,880
  4. Beware1214 – $18,459
  5. Jay – $9,715
  6. Keef – $8,420
  7. Hgjh – $8,384
  8. Ferdi – $8,096
  9. Wickerman – $7,623
  10. Volkan – $7,552

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.====

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