Live Monopoly: LetsGiveItASpin crew go from Zero to €24,000 in two 4-rolls bonuses

The exciting story from the LetsGiveItASpin crew is another proof of how Live Monopoly is one of the most exciting game shows in the iGaming industry. At the very beginning, they showed their balance, which was €0. In about 10 minutes, they went from zero to hero, or to €24,000, to be precise. It took them only two 4 Rolls rounds.

The first 4 Rolls Bonus delivered a total win of €12,400, on a €100 bonus bet. Around 10 minutes later, the stopper pointed to the 4 Rolls Bonus for the second time. Mr Monopoly’s second outing on the board brought the LetsGiveItASpin crew €12,600 on a €75 bonus bet. We don’t have to tell you how happy these guys were after the second round, but we will tell you more about what had happened in each of the rounds.

The start of the first 4 Rolls Bonus was not promising

The story begins with the LetsGiveItASpin crew placing all of their remaining money on bets. Just as we saw that their balance was zero, the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls Bonus, bringing happiness and excitement to the studio. The round started with doubles (5+5), which secured an additional roll of the dice. However, Monopoly Man went straight to Jail. After a visit to Whitehall (8x), and The Strand (12x), it was time for the second Doubles.

Regent Street was the next stop for the old man, where a 15x multiplier had been waiting. The fifth roll of the dice delivered another Doubles, taking Rich uncle Pennybags to Park Lane, delivering a 75x multiplier. After collecting a 4x multiplier at The Angel Islington, the old man ended the round at Marylebone Station (10x). This was enough for a total 124x multiplier and a total win of €134,961, shared among 820 winners.

Live Monopoly: The biggest multiplier came when Mr Pennybags landed on Mayfair (100x)
Live Monopoly: The biggest multiplier came when Mr Pennybags landed on Mayfair (100x)

Second 4 Rolls Bonus comes about 10 minutes later

Around 10 minutes after the first 4 Rolls Bonus, Lady Luck decided that it was time for Wheel to land on the 4 Rolls Bonus field for the second time. Unlike in the first round, when 3 Doubles had been won, the second round allowed “only” two Doubles, delivering 6 rolls of the dice in total. Both Doubles came in the first two rolls. The result of the first two rolls was Community Chest (5x) and Northumberland Avenue (6x).

Mr Monopoly’s next stop was Fleet Street, carrying a 6x multiplier. After that, the old man went to Regent Street, which delivered a 30x multiplier. However, the biggest multiplier had been waiting for LetsGiveItASpin at Mayfair (100x), which was the next stop. The final roll of the dice took Rich uncle Pennybags to Chance, delivering a 20x multiplier. The second round delivered a total win of €188,436, shared among 759 winners.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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