Monopoly Live: 435x Multiplier awards €682,298 to 1,052 players

April is really turning out to be a very good month for Monopoly Live big wins. See how a cheerful host spun the Wheel and brought luck to 1,052 players with a Chance and a 2 Rolls Bonus.

The Chance brought a 5x multiplier, while 2 rolls turned into 4 rolls in total, thanks to doubles. Monopoly Man went all the way to Park Lane, securing players the second biggest multiplier of the round, delivering a total multiplier of 435x.

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All goes well with a cheerful host

At the beginning of the video, you will see how a lovely, 22-year-old host chats with players about her personal life, laughing all the time. She even made Monopoly Man laugh, while he was sipping his tea. While she was laughing at a question about whether she was a mother or not, and talking about her favourite accessories, the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment.

Monopoly Live: A cheerful host brings €682,298 to 1,052 players
The old man’s last stop of the round was Park Lane, securing a 375x multiplier.

Mr Monopoly stood up from his comfortable chair and revealed a 5x multiplier. During that time, the host in the golden dress was performing a peculiar dance. On the following spin of the Wheel, the old man remained standing, as if he expected the Wheel to stop on one of the Bonus fields. As for the host, she was explaining her hairstyle to one of the players who had asked her whether her hair was natural or not.

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Two doubles for four rolls

The stopper pointed to the 2 Rolls segment, and we had the pleasure of seeing the host dance once again. Rich uncle Pennybags ran straight to the board. Before the beginning of the round, the 5x multiplier had been applied to all fields. The first roll of the dice delivered doubles, giving players an extra roll. Unfortunately, the first roll took the old man straight to jail.

The second roll made Monopoly Man go to Free Parking, where a 35x multiplier had been waiting. The second doubles came after the third roll. This time, Mr Monopoly visited Water Works (25x). At that time, everybody hoped for a nine or an eleven. These two numbers would secure one of the two biggest multipliers of the round. The dice showed a 6 and a 3, which meant that the old man’s last stop of the round was Park Lane, securing a 375x multiplier. In the end, the total multiplier of the 2 Rolls Bonus round was 435x. The total win of €682,298 was shared among 1,052 players.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement. Note that the round we talked about starts at 13:11.

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