Monopoly Live: 1,853 winners share $4,568,730

Another week, another exciting win in Evolution’s Live Monopoly round! Bonus Hunter released a video on 11th November 2021, in which the ever-generous Mr Monopoly treated his loyal followers with a delicious total win of $4,568,730.

This amazing sum was shared among 1,853 winners. Truth be told, the win could have been even higher, if the old man did not stop on the Income Tax field during his last stroll on the board. Anyway, you will see him delivering a 10x multiplier from the Chance segment, as well as stepping on the Mayfair field, which carried a 2,000x multiplier.

Monopoly Live hostess dances elegantly after the Monopoly Wheel stopped on Chance and 4 Rolls

Monopoly Wheel stops on Chance and 4 Rolls

This particular round was like any other. While Monopoly Man was sitting quietly in his chair, reading his newspapers, the lovely hostess was telling players how hot it was in the studio. At that time, the Wheel stopped on the Chance field. Unlike her co-host, who had performed a weird winner’s dance described in our previous article, the cute hostess danced elegantly in the corner of the studio, while Rich uncle Pennybags was preparing to reveal the much-awaited multiplier.

Players got 10x, but that was only the beginning. Mr Monopoly did not even bother to return to his chair as if he had been expecting for the Wheel to reveal another prize on its next spin. He was correct, and the pointer stopped on the 4 Rolls segment. The hostess could not hide her emotions anymore. She was ecstatic with the result of the spin, while the old man went to the board.

Monopoly Live players get 2,000x multiplier but face Income Tax

Before he started his stroll, all fields had been boosted with a 10x multiplier acquired from the Chance segment. The first roll of the dice took Mr Monopoly to Pentonville Road, delivering a 40x multiplier. His next stop was Community Chest, while roll number 3 took him to Fleet Street, where a 150x multiplier had been waiting. This roll came with doubles, giving players an additional roll of the dice.

The following roll revealed double sixes, which meant that another extra roll was acquired. Rich uncle Pennybags stopped on Liverpool Street Station, revealing a 50x multiplier. Monopoly Man was only 4 fields away from the biggest multiplier in the game. Their prayers had been answered, with the dice revealing 1 and 3, taking the old man to Mayfair.

The last roll was not as successful. Even though it had made Mr Monopoly cross the start line, doubling all multipliers in the process, the end result was that he ended up on Income Tax, which meant that some of the money had to be returned. Nevertheless, the total win was $4,568,730, shared among 1,853 lucky winners.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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