Monopoly Live: 2 Chances and 2 Rolls For an €866,455 Win

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How would you feel if you saw a host in the Monopoly Live, studio do some breakdancing moves? Well, in the round we are talking about, players actually asked the host to do some breakdancing. Unfortunately, she stated that she had no breakdancing skills, so nothing happened.

What did happen is three successive spins of the Wheel delivering two Chances and a 2 Rolls Bonus. Even though we did not see any dancing, we witnessed a total win of €866,455.

Monopoly Live Wheel lands on Chance

Monopoly Live Host not into breakdancing

The video starts with the host wishing good luck to all participants. While our lovely host was chatting with players, Monopoly Man was relaxing in his chair, drinking his tea. One of the players asked the host how she felt about breakdancing. At first, she did not understand the question, and, in the meanwhile, the Wheel stopped on the chance segment. It was time for Mr Monopoly to leave his tea and get on the stage.

The old man revealed a 4x multiplier and remained standing next to the Wheel as if he knew that this was only the beginning. During the next spin of the Wheel, the host replied that she didn’t know how to breakdance, and even if she had known, it would be impossible for her to do so, since she didn’t have the necessary equipment. Once again, the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment. This time, Rich uncle Pennybags revealed a 10x multiplier. As the host was thanking Mr Monopoly for the generous multiplier, stating that the old man loved her, the Wheel stopped on the 2 Rolls Bonus. This made our lovely host dance a little. Sadly, she did not do any breakdancing.

Monopoly Live: 2 Rolls Deliver a 720X Multiplier
Mr Monopoly’s last stop was the Community Chest field, which delivered a 400x multiplier. The final result of the round was a 720x total multiplier for a total win of €866,455 shared among 1,386 players.

2 Rolls Deliver a 720X Multiplier

The moment Mr Monopoly stepped down from the elevator, he applied multipliers on random fields. That was only the beginning. The next step was to apply the 40x multiplier, previously acquired from the Chance, to all fields. Park Lane and Mayfair offered a staggering 4,000x multiplier, but the old man needed big numbers and Doubles to get so far on the board.

Unfortunately, there had been no Doubles in this round, so Rich uncle Pennybags had only two stops. First, he landed on Euston Road, where a 320x multiplier had been waiting. His last stop was the Community Chest field, which delivered a 400x multiplier. The final result of the round was a 720x total multiplier, and a total win of €866,455, which was shared among 1,386 players.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement. Note that the round is starting at 05:35.

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