Monopoly Live: 2 Rolls Bonus for an €829,541 Win

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Monopoly Live 2 rolls bonus

The good people of Monopoly Live are doing their best to ring out the old year with some delicious payouts. The proof of this statement lies in the video we are about to describe. An exciting round is on our hands, even though it did not promise much in the beginning.

However, Mr Monopoly made sure that all players get a tasty Christmas bonus. To be precise, 1,616 contestants shared a total win of €829,541. It took only one spin of the Wheel and the 2 Rolls Bonus, which turned into 5 rolls, with a little help of doubles.

The Round Starts with a Dance

At the beginning of the video, the host was dancing and chatting with the players. Like always, Monopoly Man did not participate in the conversation, as he was occupied by writing something important on his notepad. The host was not paying attention to the Wheel. He was chatting with one of the contestants about his haircut and the possibility of him going bold in the future.

He stated that he loved his buzz cut and his army look, which made him look more manly. He was so engaged in describing his previous haircut, which he didn’t like, that he didn’t even notice that the Wheel had stopped on the 2 Rolls bonus. On the other hand, Rich uncle Pennybags was paying attention, and he stood up from his chair and went to the board. During that time, the host was complaining about his belly fat. However, he had managed to wish all players good luck before the old man reached the board.

Monopoly Live Mayfair 500x
Fortunately for all players, the dice displayed two sixes, making the old man rush straight to Mayfair (500x).

2 Rolls Turn Into 5 Rolls

The 2 Rolls Bonus begins with Doubles, giving players an additional roll of the dice. This was a bittersweet roll since the first stop was Income Tax. It all started to look better in the following roll. Mr Monopoly had Marylebone Station as his next stop, where a 5x multiplier had been waiting. Roll number three resulted in new Doubles, taking Rich uncle Pennybags All the way to Coventry Street (8x). What might have seemed impossible at the beginning of the round was now within reach. Another max Doubles would secure the biggest individual multiplier of the round.

Fortunately for all players, the dice displayed two sixes, making the old man rush straight to Mayfair (500x). The fun did not stop there because it was time for another roll. Again, big numbers allowed Monopoly Man to pass the Go field, doubling all multipliers on the board. His final stop of the round was Pentonville Road (16x). The total multiplier of the round was 529x.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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