Monopoly Live: 4 Rolls Bonus Delivers €39,013

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We hope that you haven’t forgotten about our friend Carson from Ticket Time because he has a brand-new Monopoly Live story to share.

A while ago, the Ticket Time crew won $3,036 on a $23 bet. In the round we are about to describe, Carson managed to turn a $10 bet into an €830 win. The winnings could have been bigger if Rich uncle Pennybags hadn’t stepped into Jail and had to pay hospital fees of €50.

Nevertheless, this 4 Rolls bonus secured a total multiplier of 87x, and a total win of €39,013, shared among 642 lucky winners.

Doubles take the old man to Jail

At the very beginning of the video, you can see Carson raising his hands in joy because the Wheel had stopped on the 4 Rolls Bonus. As the Ticket Time crew leader was welcoming a guy named Kenny, the old man left his notepad, got up from his chair, and went straight to the board. Carson was thanking God he hadn’t gone to Mega Ball while Mr Monopoly was adding random multipliers to the board.

Carson was hoping to reach at least one of the two fields that offered the 75x multiplier (Regent Street and Park Lane), urging the dice to display big numbers. Well, Lady Luck had decided to grant his wish for big numbers, and the first roll of the dice resulted in doubles, displaying two fives. It made Carson so happy that he didn’t even care that Mr Monopoly went straight to jail.

Monopoly Live: 4 Rolls Bonus delivers €39,013 to 42 winners
Carson manages to turn a $10 bet into an €830 win.

The last roll results in hospital fees

The second roll of the dice took Monopoly Man to Marylebone Station, where a 5x multiplier had been waiting. Carson stated that his only desire is not to get any taxes and to avoid Jail in the upcoming rolls. His wish was partially granted. The third roll resulted in big numbers and made Leicester Square (7x) his next stop.

When the fourth roll of the dice displayed a five and a six, it was time for the celebration to start. The old man rushed to Park Lane, delivering a 75x multiplier. Carson got what he was hoping for, but the final roll of the dice spoiled his celebration a bit. Rich uncle Pennybags crossed the Go field, doubling all multipliers on the board. Unfortunately, he stopped on Community Chest, making all players pay hospital fees of €50. In the end, 642 players shared the total win of €39,013.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement. The round in question starts at 08:46 and lasts until 12:36.

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