Monopoly Live: 4 Rolls bonus rewards 898 winners with $36,776

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We are bringing you another interesting story from the Monopoly Live studio, thanks to our friend Kasra and his video released this June on YouTube. The video is called Monopoly Live 4 Rolls Saves the Day. You will see how the mentioned 4 Rolls bonus really saved his day, turning his $1.50 bet into a $72 win.

Mr Monopoly went on the board and delivered a total multiplier of 48x, giving all contestants a share of $36,776. The biggest win of the round was $3,031.

Kasra predicts the wheel will stop on 4 Rolls

When the host spun the Wheel, Kasra was talking to some of his followers who wanted to know his last name. In the middle of the conversation, Kasra stopped and looked straight at the Wheel, stating that it will stop on the 4 Rolls Bonus. Seconds later, the Wheel actually stopped on 4 Rolls, making Kasra extremely happy.

He was happy both for the Bonus and the fact that he managed to predict when the Wheel would stop. Monopoly Man stood up from his chair and went straight to the board. It was time for him to turn Kasra’s $1.50 bet into a tasty win.

Mr Monopoly delivers a 30x multiplier on Bond Street Station, giving players a total multiplier of 48x.

A $1.50 bet turns into a $70 win

When Rich uncle Pennybags started adding multipliers to random positions on the board, Kasra started praying for a good board. Unfortunately, he was not satisfied with the biggest multiplier, a 100x, waiting for him at Mayfair. From the very start, our hero hoped for big numbers and wished for double sixes on the first roll of the dice. As you will see for yourselves, the round did not deliver any doubles.

The first roll of the dice took the old man to the Chance field, delivering a 3x multiplier. The second roll delivered big numbers, making Monopoly Man stop on the Community Chest field, where a 10x multiplier had been waiting. However, roll number 3 did not satisfy Kasra’s expectations, resulting in a 5x multiplier, taken from the Fenchurch Street Station.

The final roll of the dice made Bond Street Station the last stop of the 4 Rolls bonus. Mr Monopoly delivered a 30x before he left the board, giving players a total multiplier of 48x. Our friend Kasra had won a bit over $70 on a $1.50 bet.

This is the list of the top 10 winners:

  1. NLR TPT – $3,031
  2. SHREE6 – $1,263
  3. Boo20 – $926
  4. Godnotfound – $662
  5. ARG – $631
  6. gam – $624
  7. Japa – $543
  8. LaClope96 – $510
  9. Gold_Mine – $505
  10. Sk – $505

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement. Note that the round begins at 5:18.

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