Monopoly Live: Chance and 2 rolls bonus deliver €1,923,325

The evening of November 11th, 2021 will be remembered by at least 2,207 people who played an entertaining round of Monopoly Live . We did not have the pleasure of attending this particular event, but, according to our friend Bonus Hunter, who released a video the following day, there was plenty of action and excitement.

Mr Monopoly surprised all gamers with a 2x multiplier when the Wheel landed on the Chance segment. The following spin stopped the Wheel on the 2 Rolls Bonus, which took Rich uncle Pennybags to the board. Another surprise from the old man is that he managed to turn 2 rolls into 5. The final result of Monopoly Live magic was a total win of €1,923,325.

A Chance, a screaming host, and 2 Rolls Bonus

As you may suppose, everything was quite normal in the studio. Mr Monopoly was sitting in his chair, writing his thoughts into his pad. During that time, the host was humming a certain tune while he was preparing to spin the Wheel. The old man probably had had a feeling that was the moment for something big to happen, because, as the Wheel was about to stop, he asked an interesting question – Is it time for the bonus round yet?

Well, not exactly. The first spin ended on the Chance segment, delivering a 2x multiplier. However, the second spin was the crucial one. It made the Wheel stop on the 2 Rolls Bonus, sending Mr Monopoly to the board. This caused a certain shift in the host’s voice because he really started screaming.

Monopoly Live: Chance and 2 rolls bonus deliver €1,923,325
Monopoly Live: Chance and 2 rolls bonus deliver €1,923,325

Monopoly Man makes The Angel, Islington, his final stop

We did not have the chance to see what had happened with the host since we were immediately taken to the board. Before the game began, Monopoly Man had boosted all fields with the 2x multiplier. The round started with 3 successive doubles, delivering players 5 rolls in total. The first stroll on the board took Rich uncle Pennybags to the Electric Company, where a 10x multiplier had been waiting.

The next stops were Trafalgar Square (40x), Water Works (10x), and Park Lane (400x). The final roll of the dice made the old man cross over the Go field, doubling all multipliers on the board. The final stop was The Angel, Islington, with an 8x multiplier.

The total multiplier of the round was 468x, and the total win of €1,923,325 was shared among 2,207 lucky contestants.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.


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