Monopoly Live: Chance and 4 Rolls Bonus give away €772,677

The newest video from Bonus Hunter encompasses several Monopoly Live big wins, but we have decided to describe the best of them. In this round, players had the pleasure of spending time with Mr Monopoly and a gorgeous host in a lovely dress.

Apart from looking great, the host was lucky for 1,390 players, surprising them with a 712x multiplier in the 4 Rolls Bonus. Thanks to 4 Doubles, players got 8 rolls in total, resulting in a total win of €772,677.

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The first spin of the Wheel delivers a Chance

At the very beginning of the Monopoly Live round, the lovely host Marianne was chatting with players, and one of them thanked her for supporting his mental health. That made Marianne laugh, but Mr Monopoly just kept writing stuff down in his notepad.

As the host was talking with one of the players in Spanish, the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment. It was time for the old man to stand up from his chair and deliver a 4x multiplier. He did not have time to go back to his chair because the following spin of the Wheel resulted in a 4 Rolls Bonus. As he was preparing to go to the board, the host started screaming and dancing.

The final result was a total multiplier of 712x, and a total win of €772,677, shared among 1,390 players.

4 rolls turn into 8 rolls

Before the beginning of the round, a 4x multiplier from Chance had been applied to all fields. The first roll of the dice delivered the first Doubles of the round However, two fives took Rich uncle Pennybags straight to jail. That did not discourage the old man. The second roll also resulted in Doubles. This time, the stop was Northumberland Avenue (16x).

After visiting Strand (28x) and Water Works (20x), Monopoly Man went straight to Bond Street (160x), thanks to another Doubles. Everybody hoped for either Park Lane (300x) or Mayfair (400x) to be the next stop. Luckily, Mr Monopoly decided to visit the field with the biggest multiplier of the round.

It was not over yet because roll number 7 revealed another Doubles, giving players 8 rolls in total. Given the fact that the old man had crossed the Go field, all multipliers were doubled. Pentonville Road (48x) was his next destination. The final roll took him straight to Marylebone Station (40x).

The final result was a total multiplier of 712x, and a total win of €772,677, shared among 1,390 players.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement. Note that there will be several big wins in this particular video. The round explained in the text is the best of them all and lasts from 6:36 to 13:24.

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