Live Monopoly: Chance and 4 rolls deliver $4,407,891

Prepare yourselves for another exciting story from the Live Monopoly Big Wins section. Even though it did not start in a very good way, the end result was amazing. A total prize pool of $4,407,891 was shared among 2,299 winners. In the beginning, our cute hostess in a red dress tried to resolve some issues with players, and it did not start well.

Thanks to Lady Luck, they resolved all their differences once the Wheel delivered tasty rewards in only two spins. The first spin revealed a 10x multiplier, while the second took the old man to the board, giving him a 4 Rolls bonus. Four rolls turned into five, thanks to doubles, and the fifth roll was crucial for obtaining the biggest multiplier of the round, which had been placed on Mayfair.

Monopoly Live: Chance and 4 Rolls Deliver $4,407,891
Live Monopoly: Chance and 4 Rolls Deliver $4,407,891

Monopoly Live Wheel stops the argument in the studio with a 10x multiplier

It was a very intense round of Live Monopoly. While the Monopoly Wheel was spinning, players and the lovely hostess in a cute red dress were having several arguments. First, the hostess did not like the remark from some of the players that she talked too much. Also, she was not fond of the fact that other players had compared her to Kristina.

Some players even wanted her to do a Chinese accent, which she declined. As you may suppose, Mr Monopoly did not step in to defend his lovely colleague, as he was reading his papers. On the other hand, the Monopoly Wheel was obviously fed up with such an argument. It decided to break the tension by landing on a Chance field. The old man left his papers, stood up, and revealed a 10x multiplier.

Monopoly Live hostess ecstatic with the total win
Live Monopoly hostess ecstatic with total win

Monopoly Live hostess ecstatic with total win

It was clear that the atmosphere in the studio was much better after the multiplier. The hostess even started dancing, but some quarrels continued. It was time for another tension-breaker. The pointer stopped on the 4 Rolls segment. This was followed by a huge scream of our hostess, while the Monopoly Man made his way to the board.

Before the rolls started, the 10x multiplier had been applied to all fields. The first roll of the dice took Rich uncle Pennybags to The Angel, Islington, where a 70x multiplier had been waiting. His next stop was the Electric Company, revealing a 50x multiplier. The third roll came with doubles, giving players an extra roll of the dice. Also, it took the old man to Free Parking, delivering a 70x multiplier.

After visiting the Water Works field (50x), Mr Monopoly decided that his last stop will be Mayfair. Such a decision significantly boosted the total win because the multiplier of 1,250x had been waiting there. The final result was a 1,490x win multiplier, delivering a total win of $4,407,891 to 2,299 players. The hostess was screaming and shouting with joy, as she was congratulating all players for an amazing win.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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