Monopoly Live: Chance and 4 Rolls For a $478,327 Total Win

Even though 2022 has already started, we still have some interesting stories from the previous year that we failed to deliver earlier. For example, there is an interesting Live Monopoly round that took place on 18th December 2021. This particular round offered an exciting tale of Chance and 4 Rolls, which resulted in a total win of $478,237.

It took only two spins of the Wheel for the round to deliver a final 320x multiplier and to reward 4,028 contestants. Even the host was celebrating such a result, thanking Mr Monopoly for another fantastic round and congratulating all the lucky winners.

A 4 Rolls Bonus immediately after Chance

At the very beginning of the round, the host was apologizing to some of the players for some of his statements made earlier. With a smile on his face, our charismatic host in a red jacket spun the Wheel, wishing all the players good luck. While he was talking with another player about how many rounds had passed without having any of the Rolls bonuses, the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment.

As you may suppose, that made Monopoly Man leave his tea and stand up to deliver the multiplier. The 8x multiplier was only the beginning because the next spin of the Wheel delivered something that had been missing for quite a while. Lady Luck had granted the wish of all contestants and stopped the Wheel on the 4 Rolls Bonus.

From Jail to a 320x multiplier

Rich uncle Pennybags did not have time to return to his chair, he was sent to the board immediately. Before he began his stroll, all prizes on the board had been boosted with an 8x multiplier, previously acquired from Chance. The first roll of the dice was not promising because it sent the old man to jail.

His next stop was Marylebone Station with a 40x multiplier. Roll number 3 delivered doubles and took Mr Monopoly to Community Chest. After a quick stop at Water Works, Monopoly Man ended his stroll at Regent Street (120x). The end result of the round was a 320x multiplier, and a total win of $478,237, shared among 4,028 players.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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