Monopoly Live: Christmas Eve brings €985,412 to 1,499 winners

There is something magical around Christmas Eve. It is the night of delivering presents and surprising all the good boys and girls around the globe. Even though Mr Monopoly did not have his Santa Clause outfit on, he was kind enough to reward all loyal players who joined him on Christmas Eve.

We can start this story with an iconic sentence “It was the night before Christmas”, but we certainly cannot say that not a creature was stirring, because it was a busy night in the Monopoly Live studio. The only downside to this story is that there weren’t any Christmas decorations in the studio. Even so, the presents were amazing. A total of €985,412  was shared among 1,499 players.

Host wishes a Merry Christmas with a 2 Rolls Bonus

What seemed like a quiet round of Monopoly Live turned into the best Christmas present in only one spin of the Wheel. Mr Monopoly was sitting comfortably in his chair, sipping tea, expecting nothing from the current round. Our host was talking about the previous winning round. As he was wishing all the best to all the new players who had joined the game, he spun the Wheel.

The tension was mounting as the Wheel started slowing down. When the stopper hit the 2 Rolls Bonus, the host started singing a Christmas song, sending Monopoly Man to the board. Before the round started, the old man boosted certain fields with random multipliers. The first roll of the dice took Rich uncle Pennybags to the Chance field, delivering a 10x multiplier.

Monopoly Live: Christmas Eve Brings EUR985412  1499 Winners
The dice delivered a five and a 1, taking Monopoly Man straight to Mayfair, home of the biggest multiplier of the game (500x).

Three Doubles in a roll

The second roll of the dice delivered the first of three doubles. Mr Monopoly’s stroll ended on the Whitehall field, where a 12x multiplier had been waiting. The following to rolls aslo ended in doubles, delivering a total of 5 rolls in this Bonus round.

After visiting Fenchurch Street (5x) and Community Chest (10x), all the players hoped that the final roll of the dice will take the old man to Mayfair, which was the home of the biggest multiplier of the game (500x). This is where Santa Clause had come to help all the good boys and girls, because a Christmas miracle happened on the final roll. The dice delivered a five and a 1, taking Monopoly Man straight to Mayfair. The end result was the total multiplier of 537x, a total prize of €985,412, and 1,499 winners.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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