Monopoly Live Delivers 640x Multiplier

Another quiet afternoon in the Monopoly Live studio was turned on its back, thanks to one of the rewarding rounds that occurred this November. It only took three rolls of the Wheel to deliver a total 640x multiplier to all players in the round.

Instead of listening to a dull story about favourite drinks, contestants enjoyed an interesting round, which delivered 2 Chances on two successive spins, totalling a 20x multiplier. The third resulted in the 2 Rolls segment, but instead of two rolls, players got three of them, thanks to doubles.

The First Two Rolls Deliver Chances

Mr Monopoly was quietly sipping his tea, as usual, and our smart-looking host was talking to the players, about what his go-to was. While he was wondering whether he would prefer beer or a soda drink, the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment. That was a sign for Monopoly Man to stand up and reveal a 2x multiplier.

Monopoly Live Delivers 640x Multiplier
Monopoly Live Delivers 640x Multiplier

He did not have time to return to his seat, because the Wheel stopped on the Chance field once again, but this time the multiplier was 10x. Since the two multipliers combined, the total multiplier was 20x.

2 Rolls Turns into 3 Rolls Thanks to Doubles

The fun was just beginning because the real surprise had been waiting on the third spin of the Wheel. Rich Uncle Pennybags had no rest, because the Wheel stopped on the 2 Rolls segment, making him get out of the studio and on the board. After adding random multipliers on random fields on the board, the old man applied the 20x multiplier on all fields.

His first stop was the Chance field, delivering a 100x multiplier, and the second roll of the dice delivered doubles, two twos, taking Mr Monopoly to Pall Mall, where a 240x multiplier had been hiding.

The final roll of the dice made Monopoly Man go on Bow Street, which meant that another 300x multiplier was given. The total multiplier of the round was a tasty 640x.

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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