Monopoly Live: Double Chance & 4 Rolls Bonus for an 840x Total Multiplier

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Once again, we are taking you to India for another exciting round of Monopoly Live. In only three spins of the Wheel, the lovely host in a red dress managed to surprise players with two Chance segments and a 4 Rolls bonus. When the third spin of the Wheel resulted in the 4 Rolls bonus, Mr Monopoly went to the board carrying a 40x multiplier. After the end of the bonus round, the total multiplier was 840x. A total of 845 players had their share of the $790,000 prize pool.

Two Chances in two spins

To be completely honest, you will not be able to actually see the first spin of the Wheel, because the video starts from the second spin. After the second spin of the Wheel, the pointer stopped at the Chance segment, and that is when the lovely host informed us that there had been back-to-back Chances.

The first Chance revealed an 8x multiplier. As for the second, it resulted in a 5x multiplier, securing a total multiplier of 40x. We bet that there hadn’t been plenty of players who believed that the third spin of the Wheel will “make history”, as the host had stated. It was time for Lady Luck to take charge, stopping the Wheel on the 4 Rolls bonus, taking Monopoly Man straight to the board.

Monopoly Live: Double Chance and 4 Rolls for an 840x Total Multiplier
The final stop of the round was Fleet Street, which brought a 240x multiplier for a total multiplier of 840x!

Rich uncle Pennybags boosts all fields with a 40x multiplier

Before the beginning of the round, the old man boosted all fields with a 40x multiplier, delivered from the two Chances. The first roll of the dice took Mr Monopoly to Euston Road, where a 200x multiplier had been waiting. The second roll delivered a one and a two, giving Rich uncle Pennybags only three moves on the board, carrying him to Pall Mall (120x).

Everybody was hoping for big numbers and some doubles on the remaining two rolls, in order to try and reach Mayfair (4,000x), or maybe Park Lane (2,000x). Unfortunately, that did not happen. Roll number 3 made Monopoly Man go to Free Parking and collect a 280x multiplier. The final stop of the round was Fleet Street (240x).

Even so, the total multiplier of 840x was a tasty reward for 845. The person that shared this video made a $0.50 bet and won over $320. Of course, he was not among the top 10 winners of the round.

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This is the list of the top 10 winners:

  1. ron – $ 54,260
  2. Sophie – $44,028
  3. narumi072 – $31,961
  4. mirna71 – $26,417
  5. Tili – $21,838
  6. Goud – $16,268
  7. mjgsv – $13,649
  8. butt12 – $13,208
  9. GAMEDAD20(SC) – $13,208
  10. maruf – $12,522

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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