Monopoly Live: €2.5m shared between 934 winners

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Another exciting story is heading our way straight from the Monopoly Live studio. This time, we are bringing you a tale about one of the biggest wins in 2022. In just three spins of the Wheel, players got 2 Chances and a 4 Rolls Bonus. Thanks to 5x and 8x multipliers obtained from the Chance fields, the 4 Rolls Bonus started a 40x boost on all fields.

Even though there hadn’t been any extra rolls during the Bonus, Monopoly Man managed to collect a total multiplier of 3,640x and secure a total win of €2,547,998, which was shared among 934 players. The top win was around €237,000.

Three rolls for two Chances and a 4 Rolls Bonus

At the very beginning, the smart-looking host was explaining what players could expect from the Chance segment, and that they could get either cash prizes or multipliers. As he was giving this explanation, the old man was sitting comfortably in his chair, reading his newspapers. When the Wheel had stopped for the first time, contestants had the opportunity to experience one of the Chance options explained earlier. The first multiplier was 5x.

During the second spin, Mr Monopoly was standing next to the Wheel, and the host was explaining how the multipliers obtained from Chance affect either the 2 Rolls or the 4 Rolls bonuses. As if both of them had suspected that it was going to be a very successful Monopoly Live round. The second Chance resulted in an 8x multiplier, securing players a total of 40x. During the third spin, the host stated that, if the Wheel stopped on any of the Rolls bonuses, the round would go down in history. And that is exactly what happened because the Wheel did stop on the 4 Rolls Bonus.

Monopoly Man lands on Park Lane for a 3,000x multiplier
Monopoly Man lands on Park Lane for a 3,000x multiplier

4 Rolls Bonus for a €2,547,998 total win

The host was screaming and shouting after the third spin of the Wheel, given the fact that Lady Luck had made it stop on the 4 Rolls segment. He stated that he was shaking and that his heart was pumping, wishing all players good luck. Rich uncle Pennybags rushed to the board, boosting all fields with a 40x multiplier, previously acquired from Chance fields.

Euston Road was the first stop, securing a 120x multiplier. Next, the old man visited Vine Street, where a 200x multiplier had been waiting. After a brief stop at Coventry Street (320x multiplier), it was time for the last roll. Everybody was hoping for either a ten, or twelve, which would take Monopoly Man to Park Lane (3,000x multiplier) or Mayfair (8,000x multiplier), respectively. The dice had displayed a 4 and a 6, which meant that Mr Monopoly would go straight to Park Lane.

At the end of the round, the total multiplier of 3,640x secured a total win of €2,547,998, shared among 934 contestants.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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