Live Monopoly: €342,516 shared among 1,677 winners

The beginning of the New Year continues the magic of Monopoly Live Big Wins. Our next story did not seem promising in the very beginning, but it turned out to be very exciting once the old man ended his stroll on the Mayfair field. A quiet round turned into an exciting one, thanks to the 4 Rolls Bonus. The initial four rolls turned into six, thanks to Doubles.

This was needed by Mr Monopoly to reach the field holding the biggest multiplier of the round. Despite the fact that he had even spent time in jail, the round ended in success. The final result is a total win of €342,516, shared among 1,677 players.

4 rolls bonus stops the story about South Africa

At the very beginning of the video shared by the Bonus Hunter, everything seemed pretty quiet. Mr Monopoly was eager to stand up from his chair, he had been sitting there for quite a while. He tried to amuse himself by reading newspapers. During that time, the host was making small talk with some players from South Africa.

While the host tried to construct his question about the South Africa sundowns, the Wheel began to slow down. As you may imagine, the stopper pointed to the 4 Rolls segment. That made Rich uncle Pennybags grab his cane and go straight to the board.

Monopoly Live: From Jail to Mayfair in 5 rolls
Monopoly Live: From Jail to Mayfair in 5 rolls

From Jail to Mayfair in 5 rolls

The first roll of the dice took Monopoly Man to Euston Road, delivering a 3x multiplier. Even though the second roll had shown doubles (1+1), the end result was a stroll straight to jail. The following roll secured successive doubles. This time, the old man went to Marlborough Street (5x). His next stop was Coventry Street, where a 10x multiplier had been waiting.

After visiting Bond Street and rewarding players with a 30x multiplier, it was time for the final roll. All eyes were on the dice at that moment, because the Mayfair field, which carried the biggest multiplier (200x), had been only 5 steps away. Lady Luck came in and the dice showed 1 and 4. It was the time for celebration since the total multiplier at that moment was 248x. A total of 1,677 players shared the €342,516 prize pool.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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