Monopoly Live: Early birds benefit from one of the biggest multipliers ever

Despite the fact that it is early in the year, we can already say that a recent round of Monopoly Live resulted in one of the largest multipliers of 2022. It is also important to note that this round took place pretty early in the morning, at around 10am. Early birds among gamers were rewarded with a tasty multiplier of 1,375x. Even those players who hadn’t yet had their morning coffee were immediately woken up by a total win of €796,818.

The round that took place on the 22nd of January, 2022, started out slowly but ended up in a strong fashion. Three successive spins of the Monopoly Wheel delivered two Chance segments and a 4 Roll Bonus. Even though there hadn’t been any doubles, the initial 4 rolls on the board were sufficient for boosting the multiplier to 1,375x.

Two Chances with only two spins on the Wheel

This early round of Monopoly Live started with Rich uncle Pennybags drinking his tea, and the lovely host welcoming all newcomers. We reckon that most players were having their morning coffee when the host started spinning the Wheel. The very first spin of the Wheel ended up on the Chance segment. Monopoly Man revealed a 5x multiplier, but that was only the beginning.

At the beginning of the second spin, the host in a red dress wished for one of the two Bonus rounds. It seems that Lady Luck had had something different in her mind because the Wheel stopped on the Chance field once again. The old man did not want to change the multiplier, revealing 5x for the second time. The total multiplier increased to 25x. It was time for the third spin.

Monopoly Live: Early birds benefit from one of the biggest multipliers ever
4 Rolls for a total multiplier of 1,375x

4 Rolls for a total multiplier of 1,375x

Our lovely host was screaming and shouting when the Wheel pointed to the Chance segment for the second time. By the time the Wheel stopped for the third time, she was ecstatic, Her high-pitched voice told us that it was time for Mr Monopoly to go to the board because the Wheel had stopped on the 4 Rolls Bonus.

After all fields on the board had been boosted with a 25x multiplier, the old man started his stroll. Even though no doubles had been landed, the stroll on the board was more than successful. Rich uncle Pennybags’ first stop was Pentonville Road, where a 75x multiplier had been waiting. A visit to Vine Street brought a boost of 175x. After stopping at Leicester Square (375x), Monopoly Man ended the round at Oxford Street (750x).

Once again, waking up early proved to be a good recipe for success. A total of 741 early birds benefited from a 1,375x multiplier and shared €796,818.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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