Monopoly Live: €10.7m shared by 2,591 players

Second-biggest multiplier ever in this Evolution game

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It seems that Christmas came early this year in Monopoly Live.

We have witnessed one of the best Monopoly Live Big Wins in the history of this popular game show. The attractive host was so excited to deliver two Chance fields and a 4 Rolls Bonus in only 3 spins of the Wheel.

The 4 Rolls Bonus started with a 50x multiplier, previously acquired from Chances. That was only the beginning because Mr Monopoly managed to turn 4 rolls into 7 rolls, with a little help from Doubles. The final result was a total 4,500x multiplier, and a total win of €10,738,424, shared among 2,591 winners.

Monopoly Live: €10.5m shared by 2,591 players
Monopoly Live host brings luck to all as she calls on the pointer to stop on the Chance segment, and it did!

Enthusiastic host brings luck to all players

From the very beginning of the round, it became obvious that our lovely host was keen on delivering big wins. She stated that she loved big wins and that she couldn’t lie. The first spin of the Wheel resulted in a Chance, bringing a 10x multiplier. Our host was trying to command the pointer to stick to the Chance segment, and the pointer complied. This was only the first of many excitements that occurred in this round.

The second spin of the Wheel is when our host started expressing her love to all contestants and began screaming and shouting in excitement. The Wheel stopped on the Chance field for the second time, delivering a 50x total multiplier. During the third spin of the Wheel, the host stated that she had goosebumps, and started ordering the Wheel to give her 4 Rolls. Maybe the Wheel got a little scared by the host because the pointer stopped at the 4 Rolls segment. At that point, the host just lost it and started expressing many of her emotions in an inarticulate manner, as the old man was heading straight to the board.

Monopoly Live: €10.5m shared by 2,591 players
Rich uncle Pennybags ended his streak on Marlborough Street (800x) for a total 4,500x multiplier

Monopoly Man Turns 4 Rolls into 7 Rolls

After applying random multipliers to random positions on the board, as well as applying the 50x multiplier on all fields, the old man started his stroll. The first roll of the dice resulted in Doubles, taking Rich uncle Pennybags straight to the Electric Company (250x). After a quick stop at Free Parking (350x), it was time for the second Doubles. Leicester Square was Monopoly Man’s next destination, which delivered a 600x multiplier. Roll number 4 delivered the biggest individual multiplier of the round, making Mr Monopoly go to Bond Street (1,500x).

The following roll delivered new doubles and allowed the old man to cross the Go field, doubling all multipliers on the board. He stopped at The Angel, Islington, where a 500x multiplier had been waiting. Before the round ended, Rich uncle Pennybags also visited Electric Company (500x) and Marlborough Street (800x).

That was enough for a 4,500x total multiplier, and a €10,738,424 total win, shared among 2,591 winners.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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