Monopoly Live: 4 Rolls Bonus results in a €1,532,674 total win

It is always fun in the Monopoly Live studio! Apart from having a chance to collect massive wins, players have the option to chat with hosts and start interesting topics as the Wheel is spinning. This particular round of Monopoly Live held on 17 February 2022, was extremely interesting, both thanks to the total win and the story told by Rey, the host from Latvia.

In this story, you will find out how 1,340 players shared €1,532,674. Also, an interesting view on marriage was presented by the host of the Monopoly Live round. The sad part of the story is that we did not have the chance to hear whether Monopoly Man concurs with his colleague.

Rey gives his opinion on marriage as the Wheel stops on Chance

At the very beginning of the round, Rey, the host from Latvia, was answering questions from players. One of the questions regarded his marital status. Rey started talking about his view on marriage, while the old man was taking notes in his notepad. According to Rey, marriage is not an option, because he had never seen a good marriage.

Just when we had started thinking that the round is turning into a debate, rather than the hunt for wins, the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment. However, this did not stop Rey from continuing his story. Meanwhile, Rich uncle Pennybags revealed a 10x multiplier.

Monopoly Live: 4 Rolls Bonus results in a €1,532,674 total win
The final two rolls took Mr Monopoly to Whitechapel Road (40x) and Euston Road (120x).

4 Rolls with 3 Doubles

The following spin of the Wheel ended up on the 4 Rolls Bonus, stopping the tale of marriage, sending the old man to the board. Before the round started, the 10x multiplier from Chance had been applied on all fields. The first roll of the dice was not promising. Despite the fact it resulted in doubles, the dice took Mr Monopoly straight to jail.

The following roll delivered the same doubles (two fives). This time, our hero got Free Parking, with a 70x multiplier. After paying a visit to Fleet Street (60x) and Community Chest (100x), it was time for the third doubles of the round. This roll was the most successful one, taking the old man to Park Lane, delivering a 400x multiplier.

After passing the Go field, all multipliers were doubled. The final two rolls took Mr Monopoly to Whitechapel Road (40x) and Euston Road (120x). The final result was the total 890x multiplier. The total win of €1,532,674 was shared among 1,340 players.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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