Monopoly Live: FencerGG Wins $2,280 on a $20 bet

This week, we will spend a little time with FencerGG. The second day of February 2022 was his lucky day, according to his video released on YouTube. We had the pleasure of watching an interesting round of Monopoly Live, where our hero turned a $20 bet into a $2,280 win. The entire round was followed by FencerGG’s interesting and funny comments, making the round even more interesting for watching.

The 4 Rolls Bonus delivered a total of 7 rounds on the board, thanks to several doubles. The final result was $144,885, shared among 1,005 lucky winners.


FencerGG cobs his beard for the beginning of the round

The video in question follows FencerGG as he plays multiple game shows. The moment when the Wheel lands on the 4 Rolls Bonus was particularly funny. Our hero had invented a whole new language to celebrate the beginning of the round. While he was commenting on how the stopper had stuck on the 4 Rolls Bonus, the old man went to the board.

Since the entire studio went silent as Monopoly Man was walking towards the board, the sounds of his footsteps reminded FencerGG of the Easter Egg game. It was time for Mr Monopoly to boost multipliers on the board. SpencerGG used that time to comb his beard.

Monopoly Live: Park Lane delivers 75x multiplier
Monopoly Live: Park Lane delivers 75x multiplier

Park Lane with the biggest individual multiplier of the round

The very first round delivered snake eyes, securing an extra roll of the dice and taking the old man to Community Chest, where a 5x multiplier had been waiting. The second roll made Mr Monopoly go to the Chance field. FencerGG had asked for a 10x multiplier and Rich uncle Pennybags granted his wish, which was followed by some screaming and shouting.

The third roll delivered more doubles and an additional roll of the dice. After a visit to Pall Mall (8x), and Vine Street (5x), Mr Monopoly stopped at the Chance field. Here, FencerGG had been convinced that the old man will take away their money. Fortunately for him and other gamers, FencerGG was wrong, because the Chance field revealed a 3x multiplier.

In the following roll of the dice, FencerGG hoped to get a 10 or a 9. Lady Luck did not want to grant his wish, but she did deliver new doubles and a new extra roll, 3 in total in this round. Leicester Square was the next stop, carrying a 7x multiplier. The final roll took Rich uncle Pennybags to Park Lane, delivering a 75x multiplier.

In the end, 1,005 players shared $144,885. Here is the list of the top 5 winners:

  1. Hdnd – $7,794
  2. Kartalli – $6,096
  3. ROCIO – $4,414
  4. kirinichiban – $3,252
  5. FotisFo** – $2,601

You can watch the entire round play out here and share the excitement.

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