Monopoly Live host ends shift with a €550,969 payout

Monopoly Live host ends shift with a €550,969 payout
Monopoly Live host’s last three spins deliver 2 Chance segments and a 4 Rolls Bonus 
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There is no better way to end your shift at the Monopoly Live studio than to bring happiness to 2,044 players! That’s what happened with the host from our latest story. His final spins of the Wheel resulted in hefty wins, totalling €550,969.

It did not take him much to do that. He only needed three spins of the Wheel to deliver 2 Chance segments and the 4 Rolls Bonus. Mr. Monopoly revealed 5x and 4x multipliers and went to the board with a 20x total multiplier. Once his stroll on the board had ended, the final total multiplier was 358x.

Two Spins for Two Chances

At the beginning of the round, the smart-looking host was informing all players that he is about to end his shift in the Monopoly Live studio and was also thanking Monopoly Man for a previous Bonus round. Little did he know that he was about to finish his working day in the best possible way. It seemed that the old man had known something because he was sipping his tea and smiling all the time.

While the host was explaining how Mr. Monopoly failed to land on Mayfair in one of the previous Bonus rounds, the Wheel stopped at the Chance segment. Rich uncle Pennybags stood up and revealed a 5x multiplier, even though contestants had been hoping for at least 10x. Mr. Monopoly remained standing, and the stopper pointed to Chance once again on the following spin. It revealed a 4x multiplier, giving players a 20x total multiplier.

Monopoly Live: Community Chest Fund 20230126
After a quick stop at Whitehall (100x), Mr Monopoly landed on Community Chest, where he had to pay some taxes.

The Third Spin for the 4 Rolls Bonus

The host was amazed by the previous two spins and was asking everybody what was happening. He couldn’t stop smiling. When the third spin of the Wheel resulted in the 4 Rolls Bonus, the host almost lost his mind and started celebrating. The old man was ready to go for a stroll, carrying a 20x multiplier that would boost all the fields on the board.

His first destination was Euston Road, where a 60x multiplier had been waiting. After a quick stop at Whitehall (100x), he needed to visit Community Chest, where he needed to pay some taxes. The final roll of the dice took him straight to Trafalgar Square, which offered the biggest individual multiplier of the round (200x). Unfortunately, the numbers on the dice weren’t big and we had no Doubles. Rich uncle Pennybags was nowhere near Park Lane (3,000x) and Mayfair (2,000x), which offered the biggest multipliers.

Even so, the total multiplier of 358x secured a total win of €550,969, shared among 2,044 players.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement. N.B. The round starts at 9:53 of the video.

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