Monopoly Live Host ends shift with a €686,405 win

The hosts in the Monopoly Live studio are usually sharing their emotions with players, always chatting with them, celebrating when the Wheel shows Chances and Bonuses. This time, we do not have that kind of situation. The lovely host in this video was not prepared to make small talk with players. We reckon that it was because she was about to end her shift.

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Anyway, if the host brings big wins, he/she doesn’t have to say anything, in our humble opinion. That was the case with the host in this round. She was preparing to end her shift in the studio, and she had done it in a grand style. The last two spins brought a Chance, carrying a 4x multiplier, and a 4 Rolls Bonus. The end result was a total win of €686,405, shared among 910 players.

Monopoly Live: Chance and 4 Rolls provide a €686,405 win
Monopoly Live Host’s last spin displays a 4 Rolls Bonus.

A quiet host that brings luck to players

Another usual scene in the Monopoly Live studio. Rich uncle Pennybags was sitting comfortably in his chair, smiling, and drinking his tea. The lovely host in a red dress was spinning the Wheel quietly. It was strange because we were used to hosts that make conversation with players. Maybe she was tired, it was almost time for her shift to end.

It was also strange that she did not celebrate with the players when the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment. The old man stood up and revealed a 4x multiplier. The following spin of the Wheel was the host’s last spin of the day, and she decided to end her shift in style, hoping for a Bonus stage. Fortune smiled at her, and the stopper displayed the 4 Rolls Bonus.

Monopoly Live Park Lane: 300x multiplier
Monopoly Live: Rich uncle Pennybags visits Park Lane and delivers a 300x multiplier

Two Doubles and a 532x multiplier

Before the old man entered the board, the 3x multiplier had been applied to all fields. The first roll took him to Chance, revealing a 40x multiplier. His next stop was Pall Mall (12x). The first Doubles came after the third roll, carrying Monopoly Man to Vine Street (72x).

After visiting Trafalgar Square (48x), it was time for the second Doubles of the round. This roll took Mr Monopoly to Oxford Street (60x). In the final roll, everybody hoped that Rich uncle Pennybags would reach Mayfair, where an 800x multiplier had been waiting. Instead, he decided to visit Park Lane, delivering a 300x multiplier. The total multiplier was 532x, bringing a win of €686,405, shared among 910 players.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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