Live Monopoly: LetsGiveItASpin crew pockets their biggest win ever

Remember the crazy gang from LetsGiveItASpin? During our previous visit to their studio, Kim managed to pocket over €7,000 with a €50 bet. This time, Kim and his crazy friend are back on Monopoly Live, with a new amazing story in how they turned a 4 Rolls bonus into 8 rolls in total. Furthermore, the LetsGiveItASpin crew recorder their biggest win ever, with a total prize of €12,030!

Watch how Lady Luck helps Kim turn a 4 Rolls Bonus into 8 rolls with 4 doubles. The craziest part of the story is the fact that Monopoly Man landed on the two biggest multipliers on the board with a little help from snake eyes.

The first roll takes Mr Monopoly to Jail

The first roll of the dice resulted in doubles. Even though Kim was happy with the two fives, he couldn’t have been glad about the fact that the old man ended his first stroll in jail. Nevertheless, he was polite enough to comment on some of the remarks posted by his followers. The second roll was not that successful either. The dice took Mr Monopoly to Free Parking, where a 7x multiplier had been waiting.

The second doubles came after the third roll, taking Rich uncle Pennybags to Leicester Square. After collecting the 11x multiplier, Monopoly Man was getting ready for the fourth roll. The end result made Kim and his friend scream in delight because the next stop on the board was Park Lane (150x).

Live Monopoly: Kim from LetsGiveItASpin wins €12,030
Live Monopoly: Kim from LetsGiveItASpin wins €12,030

The fifth roll delivers doubles and the biggest multiplier

It seemed that LetsGiveItASpin Crew were on a terrific roll, hoping for snake eyes on their following roll. Lady Luck was on their side, granting their wish, and giving them the two biggest multipliers on the board in only two rolls. As Mr Monopoly made those two steps to Mayfair and 200x. Kim and his friend were jumping around in their room.

The following roll resulted in doubles again, taking the old man over the Go field, doubling all multipliers on the board. That did not make much difference to Kim because the next stop, Whitechapel Road, delivered only 4x. After visiting Chance (30x), Monopoly Man ended the round on Community Chest. Here, a speeding fine had been waiting, taking €60 from LetsGiveItASpin gang.

The final win of €12,030 saw Kim, or Letsgiveaspin (his nick) in fourth place on the list of top 10 winners:

  1. OM – €18,750
  2. 7549833 – €12,088
  3. Andyaha – €12,030
  4. Letsgiveaspin – €12,030
  5. JanneDarc-8 – €10,661
  6. Chhcg – €9,391
  7. roda – €8,323
  8. prince – €7,031
  9. Zryu – €6,162
  10. Luxurious0713975044663-183 – €5,006

You can watch the round play out her and share the excitement.

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