Monopoly Live: LetsGiveItASpin Crew Wins €21,000 on a €50 Bet

It is time for us to pay our old friends a visit. The LetsGiveItASpin crew deserved another article in the Monopoly Live Big Wins section, having turned a €50 bet into a €21,000 win. March is turning into a prosperous month for our players, and this text is yet another proof of that statement.

The video broadcasted on 5th March 2022 saw a remarkable round of Monopoly Live. Prepare yourselves for loads of high fives from Blanco and his buddy, as well as for a Chance and 4 Rolls Bonus in only two spins of the Wheel. The end result was a total multiplier of 420x, with 1,801 winners sharing €760,735.

Monopoly Live: 4 Rolls Bonus
The next spin of the Monopoly Wheel saw the pointer stop on the 4 Rolls.

Monopoly Live: Chance and 4 Rolls in two spins

At the very beginning of the video, the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment. Even though Blanco and his friend had hoped for a 10x multiplier, the old man had something else in mind, revealing 3x. After that something weird happened. The LetsGiveItASpin team had some problems with the connection, making them leave the studio for a short period of time.

They were even kidding that the previous bet would be lost. Of course, such a thing did not happen, and they continued the round normally. The next spin of the Wheel saw the pointer stop on the 4 Rolls. This made Blanco and his friend jump up from their chairs, starting a series of high fives in this round.

The 4 Rolls Monopoly Live bonus does not start well

Before the beginning of the round, the 3x multiplier, previously acquired from Chance, had been applied on all fields on the board. Thanks to that, there were 3 fields with a 300x multiplier. Normally, everybody was hoping that Rich uncle Pennybags would make a stop at either Bond Street, Park Lane, or Mayfair.

However, the start of the round did not promise big wins. The first roll of the dice made Mr Monopoly pay the Income Tax of 10%. The next roll was way better, revealing two sixes, securing an additional roll, and taking Monopoly Man to Bow Street (24x). As you may suppose, the second roll of the dice resulted in more high fives between Blanco and his teammate.

Monopoly Live: Bond Street delivers 300x multiplier
Monopoly Man lands on Bond Street, where a 300x multiplier had been waiting.

Monopoly Man lands on Bond Street for a 300x multiplier

After visiting The Strand (21x) and Leicester Square (75x), it was time for the final roll of the dice. Everybody had been hoping for an eight, and Lady Luck decided to grant their wish, causing a massive celebration in the LetsGiveItASpin studio. The old man walked slowly to Bond Street, where a 300x multiplier had been waiting. The end result was a total multiplier of 420x, and a total win of €760,735, shared among 1,801 players.

Our heroes managed to pocket a €21,000 win on a €50 bet. The best part of the story is that the LetsGiveItASpin crew did not even record the best win in this round. Here we have the list of the top 10 winners:

  1. Procky – €37,959
  2. pecunia – €29,470
  3. Dinoro – €28,853
  4. Delroyboy – €25,306
  5. LetsgiveitaspinTV – €21,050
  6. abcdefghijkl – €15,582
  7. Ohhhyeeeeaaaahhhhh – €14,171
  8. Indibet_Pintu567 – €12,761
  9. Chris1313 – €12,630
  10. zeroLM – €12,370.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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